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Is a picture worth a thousand words? If so, you got 'em. At the bottom are a couple of links with pictures. Bon appétit! cut it in half..

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Q: How do you butterfly a chicken breast?
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Is a chicken breast a whole chicken breast or 2 halves?

A chicken's breast is a whole chicken breast, especially when you have a live chicken or buy a whole chicken. However, the whole chicken breast is usually cut into two halves for use in recipes and when sold in stores as a chicken breast.

What is a split chicken breast?

A split chicken breast is a chicken breast that is cut in half.

Why do you call the leg of chicken a chicken breast?

The chicken breast isn't the leg... It's the BREAST! HENCE THE NAME!

Can you recommend a chicken breast recipe that makes the chicken breast spicy?

The following are some recommended spicy chicken breast recipes; Spicy chicken breast recipe at allrecipes site, Easy Cajun spiced chicken breast from About website, and spicy chicken breast with vegetable recipe from BBC site.

Why do they call it chicken breast if chicken don't have breast?

Its a part of a chicken body!

How many grams is one chicken breast?

In chicken breast, there are about 283 grams. In chicken breast, there is about 9-10 oz. However, this will vary depending on whether or not the chicken breast is boned or boneless.

What are some healthy baked chicken breast recipes?

Healthy baked chicken recipes include chicken breast with broccoli and wild rice, chicken breast with cauliflowered mashed potatoes and corn and chicken breast with a Caesar salad.

How many cups of chicken in boneless skinless breast?

That depends on the size of the chicken breast and whether you mean chopped/diced/cubed chicken breast, shredded chicken breast, or ground chicken breast. In addition, do you mean raw or cooked chicken breast? Please feel free to ask the question again and include more detail.

Does a chicken have 1 breast or 2?

A chicken has one breast. That breast is separated into two lobes by the breast bone. The breast bone runs down the middle of the chicken breast making it appear like two when it is cooked.

Is breast of Chicken high in cholesterol?

breast in chicken no information

Where can I find grilled chicken breast recipes?

The best Grilled Chicken Breast Recipes. Look for find grilled chicken breast recipes. Then start cooking grilled chicken breast tomorrow . For the best Food and Cooking.

What is the most tender part of a chicken breast?

are chicken tenders more tender than the chicken breast??

What goes well with stuffed chicken breast?

That depends on with what the chicken breast is stuffed.

Is there any vitamin A in a chicken breast?

undoutedly unsurly unpositivly unsure that vitamin a is in chicken breast undoutedly unsurly unpositivly unsure that vitamin a is in chicken breast

How do you make chicken filet?

How do you debone chicken breast?

I cut the breast from the cooked chicken so no bones are involved.

What can you make with chicken breast and cream cheese?

Chicken breast with sour cream on top

What country are chicken breast made from?

Chickens are animals. Primarily we get two products from the chicken. Chicken Eggs and meat. Chicken breast is just that, the breast of the chicken. Chickens are farmed all over the world in a number of ways but that is irrelevant here.

How do you butterfly a whole chicken?

Remove any giblets from the cavity, take a large sharp knife a cut straight through the breast, breast bone and wish bone, open out the chicken, turn upside down and press flat, you have butterfly'd your chicken, to keep it in shape take a metal scewer and push it through the bird from one thigh to the other.

Ingredients of breast chicken?

chicken...... I think

Which part of the chicken is the healthiest?

Chicken breast

How do you cook a free range chicken breast?

The same way you Cook any chicken breast.

Does chicken breast have carbohydrates?

1 pound of chicken breast contains about 1 gram of carbohydrates

How many grams of protein are in a chicken breast?

It depends on the mass of the chicken breast. Good quality chicken breast is usually around 30% pure protein. A medium sized 150g chicken breast would contain around 45g of protein.

Would one split chicken breast actually be two breasts?

A split chicken breast is one breast- It is called split the breast bone and ribs are still attached. Before it is butchered, it is the breast bone and ribs with the two breasts, then cut in half, leaving it a split chicken breast.

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