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How do you buy songs on iTunes when you account doesn't have money?


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Put your credit card number in iTunes. ------------------ Or use a gift card to top up your account balance

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Yes. It is very possible to have 7,000 songs on an iTunes account.

you cant add money to the actual card but u can add money to your account online. you don't even need money in your account on itunes to buy music. if u don't have money in your account you can still buy songs and it will be charged to your credit card that's connected to your itunes account

yes, if you had those songs on your itunes they should still be there when you log onto your itunes account

yes it does cost money to get a song for itunes

Tell your friend to get their own iTunes account and money. Say that you paid for the songs, and it isn't right that they get songs for free when you pay for them. If your friend is really a friend, he/she will understand.

The free songs on iTunes are marked as Free. You need to click the Free button and the song will be downloaded into your iTunes Downloads folder. You need to have an iTunes account set up and to be logged into the account.

No it doesnt cost anything to download the program. it only costs money to buy the songs online.

Best answer I've found is that you have to either buy a gift card, or gift individual songs to the other account.

You need to delete it from your Itunes account.

it allows you to download songs for free to your itunes account.

If you mean the same iTunes account, then yes. My sister has the same account on iTunes on our home computer as well as her laptop. But if you buy some songs from the iTunes store from one of the computers and you want the new ones on your other computers, you'll have to sync those songs into the other computers' iTunes.

You need to create an iTunes account. Apple describe how at the related link below.

No, however you may pay for songs off off itunes but to get itunes it is 100% free

Sync them with your computer to the same iTunes account. The songs will be downloaded automatically. Songs made with the programs such as Garageband can be shared via iTunes as well.

Cash can be used to purchase an iTunes gift card which are available from many retailers. You can then add the value of your gift card to your iTunes account to buy songs from iTunes.

there are many programs which let you transfer from ipod to itunes. all the ones i have seen cost money

You open iTunes on your computer and log in to iTunes Store with your Account with your ID and password. Then you go to the purchase menu and enter the Card number from the iTunes gift card. The iTunes Store will credit your on-line account with the value of the Card. Now the card is no longer required.The next time you go to the iTunes Store to purchase and download more songs, it will withdraw money from your credit.

to download and create a account no but songs cost 79-99p and albums depend lots of apps are free but some cost money

Well, first I am assuming that you have and itunes Gift card. If I am correct then that has nothing to do with an itunes account. With the itunes gift card that allows you to get songs, videos, TV shows, movies or apps that is equal or lesser than you gift card amount. But before you can use it you have to make an itunes account on itunes store.

New songs will be added to your library along side older downloads providing the older songs are from the same iTunes account.

Through itunes,rhapsody, and download sites which you have to have an account for.

No, artists get money for the music that you purchase on iTunes. It's perfectly legal.

Your actual iTunes account does not disappear, but you will have to e-mail Apple to get all of your songs back. Your proof of purchase is the email you got from iTunes telling you that you bought that song.

You can have as many as you want. But if someone already has an account, you can use your ipod/iphone on that account and won't take the songs on that persons account. It will even recognize that you are new to itunes.

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