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How do you bypass a radiator motor on a 92 Mercury Topaz?


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2007-12-28 07:05:52
2007-12-28 07:05:52

First of all, what is a radiator motor?


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starter motor is below and to the right of oil filter

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Follow the Upper Hose toward the motor and when it ends, that's the housing.

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If you fallow the rad hose off the top of rad there will be a body that the hose is clamped on to at the motor it will be under there

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There isn't anything that cools the fan the fan is only on long enough to cool your motor then the air as you drive cools the fan

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follow the radiator hose from the radiator to the motor (upper hose) this should bring you to the corner of head below the valve cover. the hose will be connected to the water outlet housing , this will have to be removed in order to expose the thermostat.

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