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The quickest wat is to directly wire the speaker to the radio. Buy some speaker wire, make sure you keep the - and + strait and connect the two right (one in door and one in the dash) speakers to the right/front wire on the back of the radio and do the same for the others, the back will have one speaker each to it.

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Q: How do you bypass the stock premium sound in a 1989 Ford Mustang?
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How do you connect a car stereo to an '88 Mercury Grand Marquis?

on mine i had a premium sound system package stock. i had to bypass the stock amp to run the head unit even though i am running it on the pre amp from the head unit. the speaker will notwork unless you bypass the the stock amp.

Where is the stock radio amp for a Ford F-150 premium sound?

It should be directly underneath the stock radio.

Where is the stock radio amp for a Oldsmobile alero premium sound?

Behind the carpet on the left side of the trunk. Well, that's where it is for me.

What are the stock speakers for a 1987 ranger?

since it is an XLT, and i have a 89 ranger XLT, when i was working on the sound system i took them out and i am pretty sure they were JVC, but that was long ago and i am not 100% sure. But i am sure i got the premium sound system when i bought it, they would be different if you did not get the premium sound system.

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What size belt do you need for a 94 mustang gt without ac or smog pump?

it also has the stock pulleys and everything just want to bypass the ac and smog pump thanks

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