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The Earth makes one rotation in 24 hours (well, not EXACTLY but close enough for argument). So take the circumference in miles (you can look this up) and divide by 24, that's how many miles per hour the surface travels [at the equator]. The above answer will give you a very good answer. This is an explanation of some of the reasons the answer above says "not exactly". This is wonderful stuff. Imagine yourself looking down at the solar system from way up north in space. (North doesn't end at the North Pole-- it keeps going). You see the sun in the middle, and earth moving along in its nearly circular orbit. From up here, the earth is turning counter-clockwise. Some point on the equator is moving from 6 o'clock to 5, then 4, the 3 and so on. Now the earth is moving in its orbit, of course. It is also moving counter-clockwise around the sun. You can see these movements in your mind's eye with a little practice. Now we can easily measure the amount of time from one solar noontime (when the sun is at is highest possible point for us) until tomorrow's solar noontime. We can use this time and the known circumference of the earth, to calculate earth's rate of rotation. But if you play with the image that you have of the solar system, you will see that the earth has to turn a little more than one full turn in order to reach the next day's solar noon. Even if you use the most accurate clocks instead of solar noon (as implied above), you will see that the clocks are meant to average out our observations of solar noon, and the earth will still have to turn a little extra each day before reaching standard noontime! There is another kind of day called a sidereal day. This is an Earth Day measured as if we are being observed from the fixed stars and not our sun. Sidereal days are a little shorter than solar days or days measured by standard time. You can see in your mind that as the earth turns, a point on the equator will face the distant stars (say straight up in your mental picture) before that point turns all the way to face the sun. Each day the gap gets a little bigger. So measuring the earth's rotation using a sidereal day will give you a measurement that is a little more accurate.

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Q: How do you calculate how fast the Earth spins?
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How fast does Saturn spin?

Saturn spins faster then earth

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How fast is the rotation of the earth?

The earth spins at approx 1000 mile per hour. This is quite simple to calculate - the circumference of the planet is 24000 miles approx - and there are 24 hours in a day.

Why don't things fly off the surface of the earth when it spins at such a high speed?

1.Earth has Strong Gravity. 2.Earth doesn't spins so fast!

How does earth turn?

well when the earth is traveling so fast with so much gravity it spins

Does how fast earth spins effect gravity?

There is no effect to gravity due to earth fast spins because gravity is other thing and spin of earth is different thing. So we could not compare to each other. Gravity is made of mass of earth and spin of earth is due to sun, as earth revolving around the sun.

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well,when the world is traveli so fast with so much gravity it spins.. well,when the world is traveli so fast with so much gravity it spins..

How come when the earth takes a spin our houses direction does not change with it?

Earth spins so fast,you don't feel it

What does revolution mean in the Earth?

it means how fast the earth spins once and how much it takes to spin around the sun

Earth spins on its?

If you mean earth spins in its? Then the answer is Earth spins on its axis, while also orbiting the Sun.

What are other earth's movement aside from rotation and revolution?

The earth wobbles as it spins on its axis.The earth wobbles as it spins on its axis.The earth wobbles as it spins on its axis.The earth wobbles as it spins on its axis.

Which planet spins as fast as the Earth?

Mars is about the closest to the Earth's rotation among the planets in our solar system. Earth spins in 24 hours; Mars takes 24 hours 40 minutes.

Earth spins on it?

spins on its axis

What earth spins on?

The Earth spins on nothing but an imaginary line called an axis.

Does the earth spin around the moon or the sun?

The moon spins around the earth once a month. The earth spins around the sun once a year and the earth spins on it axis once a day giving rise to night and day. So in answer to your question the earth spins around the sun and the moon spins around the earth.

How many spins earth per minute?

Earth spins once every 23h56m.

Does the earth spin around the sun or moon?

The moon spins around Earth. The Earth spins around the sun.

What does the Earth Spin spins on?

the earth spins on an axis, which is carried over by conservation of angular momentum when the earth was created

When the earth spins does it tilt on an angle?

The earth always spins and is always on an angle so yes

Earth spins in its?

Earth spins around its axis? Which is the line between the north and south pole.

Earth spins on an axis but which part of earth spins the slowest?

Every part of the Earth spins at the same angular velocity(speed), however the tangential velocity is slowest at the poles.

How fast earth spins km per hour?

It depends on what latitude you are at but the equatorial rotational speed is 1,670.5 km/hr

How fast does the world spin in 1 hour in miles per hour?

The Earth spins at 1,040 miles per hour.

How fast is Jupiter spinning at its equator?

It spins at about 12.6 kilometers per second. That's a lot faster than Earth.