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First make sure there is no possibility of interference. Make sure cellular and cordless phones are either off or far away. Things like electrical motors, wifi, and bluetooth can also cause interference. It really isn't that big of a deal, but you are calibrating your scale to make it more accurate so you might as well give it the best chance for optimum accuracy.

Place the scale on a firm, level surface.

While it is off, press and hold both the mode and the tare* keys at the same time and press the On/Off key. Release the keys and observe the display cycle through a series of numbers.

Press the mode key once and observe the display "CAL 0" "100.00" then similar numbers as before. This step calibrates the scale without any weight on the platform. Next place your calibration weights on the scale. (In this case they are two 50gram bars) Press the mode key once more, it will either say pass or fail for your re-calibration.

*Some scales use the same method without pressing the TARE button.

The solution for many other scales is very much the same as this. It can help to fix or troubleshoot errors like F--H, error, and many others.

If it shows 64018 that means the loadcells are overloaded and it need repaired.

If you see 64018 or if you are still having troubles and you bought this scale on eBay from or on website just email Jeremy directly within 30 days and he will exchange it for free.

miker5099 wrote:

I got a DW-100AS Digital Jewelry Scale from eBay, it just refused to work, got a replacement one, it also just put out the F__W alarm code. So I took it apart and discovered the loadcell screws were super tight, also the circuit board screws were very tight. One came back to life after the loadcell and circuit board were unscrewed, the other is still on F__W mode. So if your's is past the warranty, you may be able to revive it still. The loadcell screws are hidden behind the bar code sticker. The LCD cover sticker faceplate also hides three more screws. The remaining screws can be accessed only after the loadcell is loose -- caution don't damage the four wires going to the loadcell.

These look to be a high quality item that was put together with one of those power screw drivers with way too much torque. Good Luck.


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My suggestion would be to calibrate your scale against known weights, including other US coins. Standard nickels weigh 5 gm, cents dated 1983 and later are 2.5, dimes are 2.27, quarters 5.67 and dollars 8.1 gm.

You will need more than just one nickel. Most scales require you to calibrate with a specific weight, usually a weight that is close to the scales capacity (ie 500g weight for 500g capacity scale) Nickels weigh approximately 5g so you would needs lots of them. However it is not exact and you will sometimes find nickels that weigh 4.9g to 5.1g. Nickels should only be used as a last ditch effort to fix a scale that is way out of calibration. You can find cheap calibration weights for pocket scales online.

You weigh it on a kitchen scale.

i would weigh a turkey with a scale.

this video will show you how to calibrate the us-magnum digital scale : see link below: THIS VIDEO'S ADVICE IS FLAWED AND ILL ADVISED. One hundred, mixed date, US nickles, with no obvious wear, have an average weight of 499.05 grams; with a standard deviation of 1.65 grams. A 500 gram weight recommended for calibrating a 0.1 gram resolution scale would weigh between 499.97 to 500.03 grams, or have an even tighter tolerance.

would a scale that is used to weigh food be the best tool to weigh concrete blocks

I just read that you can weigh anything on it.

There is no way to actually "weigh" a person without using some sort of scale.

with a scale for cooking

by putting it on a scale

No, the range of the scale is wrong, the food scale probably has a maximum capacity of one or two pounds, whereas a concrete block weighs about 40 pounds, so the scale can not weigh the block.

"Bring the scale and let's weigh these math books."

1. Place a weigh boat or weigh paper on a scale. 2. Tare scale. 3. Use a scupula to move compound to the weigh paper/boat. 4. Stop adding compound when the scale reaches the desired mass and has stabilized. 5. Record Mass.

Practically anything that will fit on a market scale can be weighed on it. Market scales are commonly used to weigh meat and produce.

Usually one would employ a scale to weigh wool.

The way to know what you weigh is to step on a scale.

uhhhh...with a scale...

You can weigh it on a scale.

There is no true way to weigh a cat without a scale. You can try picking him up and comparing his weight to other things.

There are many bathroom scales nowadays that are claiming to be accurate. Some of these bathroom scales have gone digital. One way to check that your bathroom scale is giving you accurate results is to calibrate it so that you will know that your bathroom scale is definitely accurate. Try weighing something that you know the exact weight of. For example, weigh 10kilos of sugar or flour on the bathroom scale and check if it gives the exact result of 10kilos. If it does, then it is definitely accurate. But it if it gives you far off result, then the bathroom scale isn't worth it.

Any scale will do, but try for a pocket scale with .01g accuracy, at least.

Stand on a scale. Figure out how much you weigh. Then pick up the airplane and stand on the scale. Subtract how much you originally weighed, and that is the weight of the airplane.

No. You can buy a small scale made to weigh luggage from travel shops, catalogs, and travel sections in stores.

You should check first your measuring devices before you use it for a true and accurate measures.

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