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they like deep clean water to dive


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the answer to that is yes well, sort of, a map turtle is a variety of species: Mississippi map turtle Texas map turtle Cagle's map turtle Black knobbed map turtle Ouachita map turtle P.s. if you want to get a map turtle you should get the Texas map turtle! the males at full maturity get to about 3.5 inches

Your Mississippi turtle will be at least 4 inches after 1 year if it is currently 2 inches in 2 months.

Yes. Trachemys (Slider) x Graptemys (Map turtle) hybrids are rare, but they exist along with other cross-genus hybrids such as fully fertile Map hybrids with Diamondback Terrapins.

try map turtles or yellow or red bellies I have a razor back musk and he go's perfect with my Mississippi map turtle

males 3 1\2 inches to 5 inches females 6 to 10 inches

No, the two turtles may become friends but they won't mate together.

I don't know what a False map turtle is but a real map turtle i would say maybe 4-5 inches!!!

Yes, if they are in a natural environment that has cold winters. Otherwise, in warmer natural environments and in captivity, they don't. You can unnaturally induce hibernation in a turtle, but this is not recommended as it can easily go wrong, endangering your Mississippi map turtle's life!

I have a Yellow belly turtle & a Map turtle together & their fine. I just want to know if they can mate ?

The scientific name of a map turtle is graptemys geographica.

the scientific name for the map turtle is Grapetemys geographica

Click on the 'Box Turtle Care' link on this page to learn how to care for your box turtle.

Wisconsin has 11 kinds of turtles: Blanding's Turtle, Eastern Musk Turtle, False Map Turtle, Northern Map Turtle, Ornate Box Turtle, Painted Turtle, Smooth Softshell, Snapping Turtle, Southern Map Turtle, Spiny Softshell, and Wood Turtle.

Mississippi map turtles are rarely sold in stores. The easiest way is to buy online. I got mine from, and he's extremely healthy. I took him to a vet when I got him, and they were amazed at how healthy he was, and even asked what website I used to suggest to others who were looking.

YES, you can put a map turtle in the same tank with a slider.

Well there is a lot of ways to take care of a turtle basic ways of taking care of a turtle is to make sure you have a filter, food, rocks(your choice), turtle doc, and the actual turtle! Turtle do not require a lot of care but they do require care. Just so you know box turtles need a light shining over them.

yellow blotched sawback map turtle

snapping turtles are the easiest to care for, but they grow to be huge, so unless you plan on digging a small pond for it then a Mississippi mud turtle or any in that family are also very good trurtles.

Black-knobbed map turtle or an Alligator snapping turtle

Yes. Trachemys (Slider) x Graptemys (Map turtle) hybrids are rare, but they exist along with other cross-genus hybrids such as fully fertile Map hybrids with Diamondback Terrapins.

the first explorer to map the Mississippi River wasJacques Marquette.

See the related links below for maps of Mississippi.

show it a really handsome/good looking turtle then they will mate

Maps of Mississippi can be found in an atlas. Maps of Mississippi can also be obtained at any truck stop fueling station. Also the local library would have a map of Mississippi.

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