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You care for a mother mouse and babies by leaving them alone. When they are first born you can just LOOK to make sure they are all ok, and alive. Some say if you rub your fingers in the woodchips you can touch them but I personally havent tried that because I do not want to risk the mother injuring or killing them which IS what she will do if she smells your scent on them.

Give the mother kleenex or TP rolls (empty) so she can make them a nest. During the first TWOO WEEKS leave them be. Only going in to refill their water and food. Do not clean the cage in that time also. The mother will naturally take care of her babies. Also do not indroduce any new mice into the home.

In two weeks (when the babies are fully covered in hair) you can then touch them, separating the males from the females. You will know when its ok to touch them because you will notice the mother disregarding them as they do in the wild.

Also I might ad that a quick peak is ok but continuous staring will agrivate the mother to either move the babies or stop caring for them. I currently have two mice that just gave birth but only one caring for them because the other doesn't like people looking at her. I put an empty (child's) shoe box in with a small hole for the mother to make a comfortable nest.

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Q: How do you care for a mother mouse and her babies?
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