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How do you carry a million dollar limit on your commercial vehicles?

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You need to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy with a million dollar limits for bodily injury and property damage.

A $1,000,000 limit is standard for commercial auto and shouldn't be too costly. Your insurance broker can help you get this policy.

If you need additional coverage above the limits offered by your auto insurer you can obtain an umbrella policy that will extend the limits of all underlying coverage.

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Q: How do you carry a million dollar limit on your commercial vehicles?
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How are commercial vehicles distinguished from private ones in US law?

Commercial vehicles are defined as vehicles that are owned or registered to a company, instead of an individual. Additionally, heavy vehicles, vehicles used to carry hazardous substances, or vehicles able to carry more than 15 persons are also classified as 'commercial' even if privately owned. In order to drive a commercial vehicle, you need a commercial vehicle driver's licence. This imposes some extra responsibilities, such as informing your employer of certain convictions.

Do commercial vehicles need to carry fire extinguishers?

Yes, fire exstinguisher needs to be carried in the cab

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Are you required to carry vehicle registration in the car in Texas?

You are required to register the vehicle & keep the window sticker current, but you are not required to carry the paper receipt in the vehicle, UNLESS it is a commercial vehicle. This is stated on the bottom of the Texas DMV registration receipt: "IMPORTANT DOCUMENT: Please retain for your records. THIS RECEIPT IS TO BE CARRIED IN ALL COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. Purchased registration remains with this vehicle and will not be refunded if the vehicle is not old

Does a person need to carry full coverage on all vehicles in a trucking business?

This is your decision. If the vehicles are financed then the finance agreement you have with the bank or finance company will require that you carry physical damage coverage. If the vehicles are paid for and not financed then the decision is completely up to the owner of the business. The owner will have to weigh the risk of loss versus the premium to carry physical damage coverage.

What is the vehicle called that carries other cars?

If someone is looking for a vehicle that will carry another vehicle, there are many options. A tow truck, semi, or a semi with an attached trailer are all vehicles that carry other vehicles.

Do you have to be bonded to repo cars in Ohio?

bonded .... no.... but you must have the correct insurance... ask any insurance agent for help with this.... i am a repo man and to work for any Bank you must carry a million dollar insurance policy.... yes... i said 1 MILLION DOLLARS

A class c license allows it bearer to drive?

Vehicles or combinations up to 26,000 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. For vehicles designed to carry more than 15 persons (including the driver) or quantities of hazardous materials which require the display of placards, a Class C Commercial Drivers Licence is required.

What type of vehicles carry the Mack name?

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