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You should insure against non owned and hired auto's even if the business does not own its own vehicles

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Q: Is it necessary for pizza delivery people to carry commercial auto insurance?
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Does a home based child care center need commercial liability insurance?

To become licensed child care center, you are required to have commercial liability insurance. However if becoming licensed is not your goal, commercial liability insurance is not necessary. You should consider increase your home owners insurance to protect you in the event of accident. Most insurance companies will provide you additional coverage for people wanting to do a start a home based day care.

Who can supply me commercial truck insurance?

Many people use

What kinds of insurance is offered by Fleet Insurance?

Fleet Insurance is actually a kind of insurance. This would be for people or companies that have more than a few vehicles that need to be insured. Such as a delivery company.

Where can one obtain business commercial insurance?

One can obtain business commercial insurance from many of the same insurance companies people use for home or auto insurance. Some of these companies include Nationwide, All State, Farmers, State Farm, and Progressive.

What are the benefits and risks of commercial liability insurance?

Yes, if a lot of people drive the vehicle, you need insurance to cover everyone who drives it. Although typically the insurance goes with the person, so as long as your people are covered, the vehicle is.

Why or why not should plastic surgery be covered by insurance?

Any surgery that is elective should not be covered by insurance. That is most insurance companies policy. However, many people find a way around their insurance by claiming, either truthfully or falsely, that a particular surgery is medically necessary. These then are the same people who complain about insurance rates. When insurance has to pay out for procedures that are not necessary, it affects everyone because they raise premiums. So, if we want affordably healthcare, we will not lie about medically unnecessary surgery.

Can anyone with insurance drive your car if it has business insurance?

No. Even if you have commercial insurance on your vehicles, you are still responsible for providing the insurance company with a list of drivers. If you do not notify them of the people driving the vehicles they can still deny coverage as you are not obeying the terms of the policy.

Where would you find some used commercial trucks that can be drove by people?

It is necessary to have a commercial driver's license to drive a commercial truck. There are several sites on the internet that list used commercial trucks for sale including, www.commercialtrucktrader,, and

What is trucker insurance?

insurance for big rigs or big lorries Answer: Usually when people say, "trucker insurance" they mean Commercial Auto for Truckers, and could include both Liability and Physical Damage and other common Auto coverages. Different aspects should be considered, such as whether the trucker is an employee or an owner-operator, and whether coverage is needed when the trucker is not under dispatch. Commercial Auto policies are different from Personal Auto - for example, a covered driver is not necessary covered to drive other vehicles.

What is the song on travelers insurance commercial with the toy people?

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When people have more then one insurance which one is considered the primary ins?

If medicare is one of the insurances then medicare is primary and the commercial insurance is secondary. If you have two commercial insurances then that would depend. It would be a good idea to contact both and get that straight before you incur a lot of bills.

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Can you get unemployment while on maternity leave in the state of Indiana?

Unemployment is for people who lose their jobs. Disability insurance is for people who can't work due to a medical reason.Your best bet is to apply for short term disability insurance before getting pregnant. Your maternity leave for normal delivery will be a covered benefit.

How many people have health insurance?

How many people have health insurance? 85% of people in the US have health insurance. 97% of Massachusetts residents have health insurance. How about we help the 15% of people get insurance with tax breaks to pay for their insurance, instead of messing up 85% of the peoples current insurance coverage.

What are people that work in a hotel called?

Delivery people

do they have plans for people without insurance.?

do they have plans for people without insurance.

How does Esure car insurance work?

Many people ask how does Esure car insurance work. Esure is quite simple to use. It is an internet and telephone based company. All you have to do is give them the necessary information and they will find you the lowest rates.

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The insurance policies needed to open up a commercial restaurant are to have an income tax report provided to the International Revenue Service that is very important in making a new business as it keeps track of the tax and the tax that people pay and therefore help the business go on without any interruptions.

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