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Commercial vehicles can include fleet vehicles, company cars or other vehicles used for business.

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Can you take the CDL road test in an automatic truck with air brakes?

A new (as of June 2014) Federal regulation requires states to put a "no manual transmission" restriction on the CDL of anyone who road tests in a truck that doesn't have a fully manual transmission.

There are two other new restrictions: if you road test in a vehicle that has "air over hydraulic" brakes (kinda like the power brake system in a car, but the booster chamber runs on air instead of vacuum because diesel engines have no usable vacuum) you will receive a "no air brakes" restriction, and if you road test in a combination vehicle that connects the trailer any other way than via fifth wheel you will receive a "no tractor trailer" restriction.

OTOH there is, so far as I know, no rule setting the minimum length of the trailer you must use in your road test.

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Yes, you can. USXpress Enterprises uses automatic trucks, and hosts their own driving school. However, I would advise against this - if you're going to be driving commercial vehicles, learning how to shift an unsynchronised transmission is going to be an important skill to know, and it's a lot different than shifting in a normal passenger vehicle. If you go to take a road test for a company which uses manual shift trucks, and you're constantly grinding gears, show yourself to be unable to downshift proficiently, can't do basic gear recovery, etc., you're not going to get the job, because no company wants to hire drivers who they know will end up destroying their transmissions.

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What is a class 8 dumptruck?

A Class 8 truck is a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of over 33,000 lbs. Single axle trucks with an additional lift axle, tandem axle trucks, tandem axle trucks with additional lift axles, and tractor-trailer dumps are all Class 8 trucks.

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What type antifreeze on a navistar 466 engine?

You need to specify a year, because it does make a difference. We used Rotella 50/50 blend in our 1999 - 2001 trucks. What you really need to do is look up the nearest Navistar International dealer, give their maintenance department a call, and talk directly to them. Again, the coolant requirements can vary according to model year, and you want to be especially certain that you're using the proper coolant in a DT466, as it's a wet sleeve motor, and the use of improper coolant can have disastrous consequences.

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What is the Commercial vehicle gun law in fl?

A gun is not allowed in a commercial vehicle. This is a federal law and does not differ from state to state.


ACTUALLY, the FMCSR does not address the issue of guns in commercial vehicles. The existence of a federal law prohibiting firearms in commercial vehicles.. if it exists, I have yet to find anyone whose been able to cite it, and I've found nothing in repeated searches of the FMCSR pertaining to firearms.

However, you still have the matter of what your company will and will not allow to deal with, as well as what your customers may or may not allow. In most cases, you'll find that your company, your customers, or both are going to have regulations in place disallowing you to have a firearm in your vehicle or on their property.


The only federal laws pertaining to the transportation of firearms and explosives across state lines (federal jurisdiction) only pertains to the US Mail in that it is illegal (gun control act of 1964) to transport firearms, explosives or hazardous materials through the mail. (this does not preclude parcel services like UPS or FedEx.). Commercial vehicles on a regular basis transport hazardous materials, explosives and firearms in every state in the union. Commercial drivers in the various states must obey the laws of the individual states through which they pass, otherwise.


Actually, you CAN ship an unloaded rifle via the USPS. Handguns, however, are prohibited from being shipped in this manner.

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Is a dump truck a commercial vehicle?

When used for commercial purposes, yes. If you're asking about this insofar as CDL requirements go, then that's a different story. If the vehicle is rated up to (but not more than) 26,000 lbs. GVWR, then it doesn't require a CDL. Examples include the Ford F350 through F750, Freightliner FL60 and FL70, etc. Now, you can load those up to 33,000 lbs. (some states allow more for intrastate and/or secondary road usage), but the moment you go above 26,000 lbs. total weight, then you're required to possess a Class B CDL.

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What is an average school bus length in feet?

35-40 ft

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Heavy commercial vehicle engine?

One of the most popular is the Cummins ISX--15 liters displacement, anything from 435 to 600 horsepower.

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Recomended oil for Toyota 1KD-FTV engine?

I found the best suited oil for the 3.0L TD 1KD is castrol RX super, this oil environments the manafactures specs. RX super is 15W 40, and would not be suitable for environments that reach -7degrees like alpine regions. RX super has good detergent properties to keep your engine clean. althow Toyota recommends oil change at 10 000k intervals, most people would suggest to change at 5000k instead. the engine should take 6.9L of oil with a filter change

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What is a good affordable car for a teen driver?

Honda Civic or Accord

Toyota Corolla or Camry

Ford Focus or V6 Mustang

Mazda 3

Pontiac G6

Chevrolet Cobalt

Nissan Sentra

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What is the maximum weight for a Scania R470?

That depends on the configuration. European countries allow 44 tonnes for 2x4 and 2x6 tractors towing a three axle trailer, and there are several other available combinations which are permitted significantly more weight.

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How to reset ecm on M2 freightliner?

Disconnect the battery, keep it disconnected for five to 20 minutes, reconnect the battery.

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What license do you need to drive snowplow truck?

That depends on exactly what you're driving. A pickup truck with a snowplow mounted on the front doesn't require a CDL. A single axle dump truck weighing under 26,000 lbs doesn't, either. The moment that vehicle weighs over 26,000 lbs., or if you're driving a tandem/tri-axle/quad axle/etc. dump truck with a plow, then you need a Class B CDL. If, at any point, you're driving a combination (of truck and trailer) with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of over 26,000 lbs, and the vehicle in tow is rated at over 10,000 lbs, then you need a Class A CDL.

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What is the prise of tata 3118?

tata commercial vehicle 3118 price list

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How much does a semi-truck rim weigh?

Depends on wheel size. Trucks run typically a 24.5 or 22.5 wheel in steel or aluminum. In steel they weigh about 80 lbs and in aluminum about 50 lbs.

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What are maximum weight limits per axle on a 3 axle semi truck and a 38 foot tripple axle lowboy trailer?

Your question is a bit more ambiguous than you realize. Without taking into account what state(s) this vehicle is/are operating in, whether any permits are in effect, etc., the simple answer is that the combination would be limited to the same 80,0000 lb. gross vehicle weight as any other tractor-trailer is. 34,000 lbs. on the drive axles max, steer axle may have up to 20,000 lbs on it.

If you want to know what the weight limitations would be in accordance to the federal bridge law, see the related link at the bottom for a source where you can calculate it, but bear in mind that, if that is a 38 ft. trailer you're working with, you'll need to replace the given bridge measurement between the drive and trailer axles with the distance between the drive and trailer axles of your vehicle.

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What is the valve clearance specifications for Isuzu 2.3l engine 4ZD1?

Valve Lash Adjustment On

1986-92 Isuzu 2.3 & 2.6L Engines

AERA member have expressed some confusion on the correct valve lash

adjustment procedure on 1986-92 Isuzu 2.3 & 2.6L engines. It appears that previous service manual information may lead a technician to an incorrect adjustment.

The service manual indicates that valve lash on the #1 cylinder should be adjusted when all timing marks are lined up. The camshaft however, is in the valve overlap position at the number one cylinder. If the adjustment is made as indicated in the manual, excessive valve lash will result. These engines are actually timed off the #4 cylinder and those valves can be adjusted when all timing marks are lined up.

To correctly adjust the valves, first look to see that the cam lobes are pointing down in the cylinder you are adjusting. The correct adjustment is made on a cold engine and is .008 for both valves on the 2.6L engine. The adjustment for the 2.3L engine is .006 for intake valves and .010 for exhaust valves.

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Why does ford transit slows down and blow white smoke?

Most likely it is the head gasket bad. If the exhaust has a sweet smell to it, that is anti freeze getting into the cylinder. It slows down because 1 or 2 of the cylinders are not firing.

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Who is the largest medium and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world?

AB Volvo, which owns Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, UD Trucks (formerly known as UD Nissan Diesel), and others.

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Where is the thermostat valve on Peugeot expert van?

Follow the top hose from the radiator that goes to the engine, the first thing the hose connects to next to the engine is the thermostat housing, two bolts take them off and wala! there is the thermostat.

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What year was the 53 foot trailer introduced?

The 53' trailer is nothing new.. trailers of that length have been in existence since the 1950s, though were only used for special purposes. The Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 was when the feds quit requiring a permit for 53' trailers, but several states fought the legislation into the mid-90s either requiring permits for 53' trailers, heavily restricting the roads they were permitted on, imposing laws on the wheelbase length of a tractor pulling a 53' trailer, or a combination. I believe it was the mid 90s when states were forced to conform to the STAA or risk losing federal highway funds.

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What does MVR stand for?

MVR is Motor Vehicle Report

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Why do i work with eicher Volvo?

That's really a question only you can answer for yourself.

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What do 22.5 semi truck aluminum wheels weigh?

9.00x22.5 23-24KGS

8.00X22.5 22.5KGS


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Question and answers code 10 learners licence?

yes you can

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Do you need a headache rack on the semi truck when using a flatbed trailer?

If you don't have a headboard mounted on the trailer itself, then yes, you do.


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