Best Answer't replace the regulator assembly. That's a more expansive and temporary fix. The plastic part At Fault will fail again. For 30 bucks per window + shipping to anywhere in the world you can get this alluminum clip to permantly fix this problem. They have great instructions or if you feel you can't do it yourself (not that difficult) they can arrange to do it for you. I did this on one window. Now I wish I had done all of them because it is even easier to do before it breaks. Go to this web address. Problem Solved, Alan

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Q: How do you change 2001 jeep Cherokee window regulator?
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How do you change the window motor and regulator on 2001 grand am?

Trade it in for a Holden

Where is the voltage regulator on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee?

The regulator is part of the engine computer.

How do change power window regulator on 2001 silverado 1500?


How do you fix a window in a 2001 Kia Sportage?

the regulator is broke how can I get the window up

2001 jeep Cherokee sport passenger side window goes down but won't go up Put new motor in any suggestions?

did you also replace the regulator? sometimes its the regulator that goes bad and not the motor.

How do you repair the rear door windows on the 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora when they no longer stay up?

you need to change the window regulator

What regulates the voltage for a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The engine computer is the voltage regulator on a 2001 Jeep.

How do you adjust the cables on power window regulator on a 2001 Chrysler TC?

The cables are not adjustable. The regulator is only serviced as an assembly.

If you are replacing the rear window regulator in your 2001 Lincoln LS how do you remove the bracket from the window?

The bracket snaps on the window over the plastic pin in the window. You need to pull the bracket away from the window to get it down and over the plastic pin. If you will be replacing the window regulator you can just cut the bracket where it snaps over the pin.

How do you change the wheel bearings grand Cherokee?

how to change front wheel bearing 2001 jeep grand cherokee

What do you need to do to fix your driver side window on a 2001 Honda Accord LX the window is not off the track and the motor is running but the window will not go up?

Must replace window regulator

2001 impala windo fell down into door what is the problem?

window regulator. about 400 bucks

How much does it cost to repair window regulator on a 2001 Kia Sportage?

around $ 375.00 at dealer.

How do you replace driver side window motor for a Dodge Durango 2001?

It's expensive but you have to buy a new window regulator. it's the whole assembly- the motor, cable and guide. it's pretty easy to change. even easier with someone to help hold the window.

How do you adjust an electric window on a 2001 GM vehicle when the window cable is now back on the nylon pulley but the motor does not seem to know when the window is in the up position?

unbolt the window from the regulator and push the window all the way up and tape window to door then run the motor all the way up til it stops then reattach widow to regulator.

How to change voltage regulator on 2001 Monte Carlo?

To change the voltage regulator on almost all modern GM cars, replace the alternator. The regulator is inside the alternator, and is not considered a field servicable part.

Will window regulator of a 2001 Lincoln ls fit a jaguar s type?

Yes - Ford Part YW425423209AA

What would cause the driver side window on an 2001 oldsmoble alero not to roll up or down?

Bad regulator

How do you repair your driver side door window when it has fallen off the track on a 2001 dodge durango?

Most likely the guide on the bottom of the regulator broke. take the door apart and check. most likely, you need a new window regulator.

When replacing side window in 2001 grand am if the window isn't bolted tightly to the regulator will it cause the window to fall immediately or will it loosen slowly?

Either way you will have to fix it again so you should fix it right the first time and bolt it tightly to the regulator like it's supposed to be.

Where is the power window switch on the driver's side of a 2001 Plymouth Voyager minivan?

the switch is on the door panel approx four inches from the window, this is the only switch that sends power to the window regulator motor (window motor).

Installation of window regulator on 2001 BMW 740i?

nbody really knowss this answer so stop askin it u idiots

How do you change shocks on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee?

By removing the bolts.

2001 Chevy Silverado power window goes up slow?

Tale the window regulator out of the truck. Clean an lubricate the tracks & guides. Check for a frayed cable.

How to repair front door window regulator - 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

Its cheaper to buy a regulator than to fix the old one, check Ebay they have great deals on regulators, good luck