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How do you change 2002 Trailblazer front shocks?


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you cant change the front shocks on the trailblazer without a spring compressor because on a trailblazer they all have struts and they have to be compressed down


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Remove the bolts. Replace shock. Tighten bolts to the manufacturers recommended torque setting.

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struts in front, shocks in rear.

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You should get a factory service manual to familiarize yourself with the procedure. The rear shocks are fairly easy to change for anyone with general mechanical aptitude and the proper tools. The front shocks should be changed by a good front end shop that has a spring compressor.

The front hub takes a 35mm deep socket. (It is not necessary to remove the hub to change the rotor.)

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should be fairly simple, just jack it up set it on jack stands and change your shocks.

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