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How do you change Betta fish water?


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A 20 - 25 percent water change every week is recommended for a betta. I use a product called "Betta Plus Conditioner" as an additive to provide great water for the fish to swim in.

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It depands what type of fish but i know that if you have a betta fish you should change it's water every 2 weeks cause if you change it every week then the betta fish will get stressed and when betta fish get stressed they die. Well i hope this anwers your question.

Yes. Betta Fish do change their coloer every now and then. Or if you have a male, he will change his coloer if hes chaseing a female Betta Fish. Or if he sees another male Betta Fish.

no as long as there is water conditioner/ purifier in it

Betta fish - Siamese fighter fish are not salt waters fish. But there is another breed of Betta which is called a marine betta and they are salt water fish.

Betta fish change color by there environment and the types of food that you feed it. If your Betta fish is loosing color that means that your Betta is sick.

skip its health and change the water now

A betta fish should not be in water colder than 72F

No, Betta fish like clean, but not sterile water like all fish.

of course you do you need the fish to have WATER because every fish in the world needs water so the betta fish needs it to,to live so the betta fish does need a FILTER

Betta fish are fresh water fish. Most tropical fish are saltwater fish. Betta fish also only get along with a few fish.

you should put your betta fish in warm or room temp. water. it might be risky to put your betta in cold water!!!!

The best water to keep your betta fish in is water from the tap that has been treated with a dechlorinatior. This removes harmful chemicals from the water but leaves behind all the minerals that betta fish need.

Any bigger fish, more aggressive fish, no water

Betta fish live in water that is 20 or 22 degree C.I know so because I have my own Betta fish.

Betta fish was first found in the rivers of Thailand.They are basically river water fish.......

The betta fish will see the mirror and then will be curious about it, because the mirror reflects the betta fish and they might think that it is another fish, so the fish will act differently.

It is best that all fish have a filter besides Betta fish. Betta fish don't need filters cause the filter pushes them over with their big fins. Goldfish should have a filter on there tank because they are often overfed. If you have a filter you won't have to change the water as often. The only fish that shouldn't have a filer in captivity are Betta fish.

No,the betts fish will DIE

A clown fish is a saltwater fish, and a betta is a fresh water fish. I would not put them together.

every two weeks then change the water every four

Betta fish to not hibernate. If you fish is acting lethargic, make sure that the water is not too cold (78 to 80F is best), and that the water is clean.

Fresh water. === ===Yes they are freshwater fish.

Betta splendens do not get angry with people. If you think your Betta is angry with you it will be your guilty concience. I advise you to look after your fish well. Give it good food, good conditions and change its water regularly and thereby have no conscience pangs.

A betta fish needs fresh water, and needs half of it changed once every 7 days.

not unless they are sick

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