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How do you change Oxygen sensor on 2003 ford escort?

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May 04, 2007 1:37PM

most of the ones that i have changed are the same. there is an electrical lead coming from the o2 sensor with a connector. unplug this lead. if yours has no connector you will probably have to cut the lead. make sure you look at the color coded wires because the new 02 sensor has to connect in same fashion. the auto parts store should have a special socket for o2 sensor. the replacement o2 sensor depending on vendor will be a oem type replacement, or a generic. both shold ave wiring information to make job simple. 1. disconnect lead. 2. remove sensor (may need to remove heat shield if in way.) 3. replace sensor. 4. connect lead. 5. codes will probably have to be reset otherwise will continue to show o2 problem