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How do you change a 1993 Saab 9000 CS Slave Cylinder Is it worth paying 900 for a mechanic Or can you keep pouring fluid in as a band aid fix?

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2008-11-12 21:40:13
2008-11-12 21:40:13

Lots of work. Need to remove portions of space frame on driver's side along with transmission. Difficult task if you don't have a transmission jack to align and shove tranny back in.

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electrician, plumbing, autobody mechanic etc

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Hate to answer my own question. You need to connect a jumper wire between a+ b terminals on the plug under the dash. The "a" is top right and "b" is the next terminal to left. Then you will get "12" code which means you are talking to the computer. Then you will receive all the stored codes.

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approx. 60,000 a year after paying help and buying parts and overhead

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