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How do you change a Toyota 95 land-cruiser fan belt?


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October 11, 2007 4:49PM

There are two identical in length belts that turn go ever the fan pulley and turn the fan. To get to them you need to remove the A/C belt first (and probably best to change it now as well). The A/C belt can be removed by loosening the idler pulley that is next to the A/C compressor. Working from beneath the vehicle, you will need a 14mm box end wrench. Loosen the bolt that goes through the idler pulley, just a little loose. Then use a 14mm socket and ratchet to take the tension off of the belt by turning the bolt that moves the idler pulley.

Once the A/C belt is off, move to the engine compartment, from the front on the drivers side is the alternator. You will need to loosen the pivot bolt for the alternator. (I believe you will need 12mm wrenches for the alternator bolts/nuts) It is located on the lower corner of the alternator. Once a little loose, use a socket and ratchet to turn the adjuster for the alternator. You may have to use your hand to pivot the alternator as you turn the adjuster. Remove the two belts, then put everything back together in the reverse order.

When tightening the belts, turn the adjustments until there is about a 1/2 inch of deflection in the belt between the pulleys. You don't want the belts too tight as the excess tension will cause undo stress on the bearings of the components and cause premature failure. Basically you want them just tight enough that they won't slip/squeal under load.

Good luck.