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Have a look in the Polo Owners manual, it has instructions in there, that are more or less accurate. You need to follow them. The first few steps are easy enough but the third last one - prising the metal retainer off that holds the wire connections to the top of the battery - is the tricky bastard. Go somewhere where you can't be heard, you may need to swear. I did it in Golders Green (a bit posh for me) and there were numerous complaints about my profanity! You have to pull the one nearest the front of the car towards you, while at the same time as trying to wiggle it upwards. I used a hammer and chisel to hack a bit of the battery underneath the clip away which seemed to help. Persevere. Try getting a screwdriver in there to prise it. Swear at it a bit more. You can't damage the battery anyway. Once you've got one side off the other side comes off pretty easily. I've got a picture of the appropriate page of the manual, I could email.

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Q: How do you change a battery in a Volkswagen Polo?
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