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How do you change a crank sensor for a 1994 Dodge Intrepid with 33 motor?


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It is located on top of the transmission next to where is mounts up with the motor


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where is the crankshaft sensor located on a 1993 dodge intrepid

1999 dodge intrepid is not starting I change crank and camshaft sensor and it stall will not start what can i do next.

On the passenger side bell housing on the near the transmission.

Disconnect the electrical connector, remove the mounting screw and remove the sensor.

scanning for codes will indicate if the CPS is at fault.

Passenger side in the transmission bellhousing. Pain to get at!

how much cost a crank sensor for a intrepid 1999

It is mounted to the passenger side of the transmission bell housing, just behind the engine.

Try the crank sensor first, then the cam sensor. without these the car will not spark. Most commonly the crank sensor though.

the crank sensor is on the passenger side of the car on the back of the engine. Check right up there by the transmission housing.

Yes. The crank sensor tells the coil when to fire.

if its the 3.5L the sensor is right on top, at the front of the engine. the cam sensor is near it just to the driver side of the top of the engine. The intake has to be loosened enough to get the cam sensor out form under it. The crank sensor is easier to get out.

The crank position sensor on a 1993-1997 intrepid with the 3.5 liter is located on the passenger side of the transmission bell housing ( top ) breeze to change and usally fixes the cold starting issue with these automobiles ( usally ) for $40 or less it is worth a try!!!!!

Dodge Dakota V6's didn't have a crank sensor until 1992.

there is a bolt off to the right off the sensor take it out and it should just pull right out.

the crank sensor is located on the top front of the tranny

It does not have a crank sensor, it only has the "pick up" plate in the distributor.

No crank sensor, just the pick up plate in the distributor.

if it doesnt have a crankshaft sensor then you have a distributer pick up. Its under your distributer cap.

A 1991 doesn't have a crank sensor, it only has a distributor pick up plate(cam sensor)

No crank sensor on a 1990, only the pickup plate (cam sensor) in the distributor. how about a 1991?

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