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Ok so you want to take the door panles off, heres what youll need:Philips screwdriver size 1 or 2torx sizr 15 or 20 (the 15 works but the 20 fits better)knifesomthing to pry wiht i used a fkat screwdriver

front doors:

Ok these are the harder of the pair, there are 9 screws in all.

start by removing the two covers, one behind the handle and one in the little cup thing. now pop off the speaker grill, i found prying on the flat side by the door hinge worked well, it takes a little force but not much. now then, you have acesst omost of the screws. Take the Philips screwdriver and start undoing them, heres the list

1 in the upper handle1 in the little cup thing1 on the door frame near the top on the hinge side3 to get the speaker oput (you may want to put these aside seeing as they are dif from the rest)3 recessed behind the speaker

Ok now before you go and start ripping it apart! when you take the speaker out make sure to unplug it and set it asside so it don't get ruined.

so now the speaker is safe the grill and screws are removed and put somplace safe pull on the door a little, i found it easiest to start on the car side of the door and give it a tug, be firm but not to aggressive iwht it its only held on b small little clips at this point (which you can ask a few of our members are expensive) now then assuming you get them all off, on the front doors theres a trip peice over the lock take it off, i found it easier to pull the panle off wit hte door locked but whatever your prefrence is. Theres a rod holding the handle to the door, remove it and be gentle here as well it pops out fro mthe clip then the end comes up out of the hole. now just undo all your electricals and your all set, you will prob need the knife to cut some of the insulation away so that the wires can stay on the door. there is one spot if oyu have power locks that the wire is attached to the door panle, that's where the torx comes in just undo it and you should be all set

Back doors

These are the easy ones. toolsphilips screwdriversomthing to take those pesky little covers off with

ok two screws only this time, one behind the handle on in the cup thing. Pop the covers off take the screws out. Now pull on the door a bit, i found it easiest to start on the corner away form the car this time and pull on it, poped right off, disconnect any electronics and that little rod again and your good to go

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Q: How do you change a driver side mirror on a 2000 Chrysler cirrus lxi?
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To replace the mirror on the drivers side of a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus acquire a direct replacement with the sail mount. This mirror is heated, non folding and is installed with a Philips head screwdriver.

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I recently replaced a powered right side mirror on a 99 Cirrus. All I did was order a new mirror (through a used parts salvage yard) for fairly cheap. The used ones cost about the same price, so I went with new. It came with directions on how to locate the mounting screws and everything. The repair took less than 25 minutes in my driveway.

Where is the fuse for Chrysler 300m for sideview mirror when car is in reverse?

The fuse for the side view mirror on a Chrysler 300m is located under the driver's side dash, near the floor. It adjust the mirrors when driving in forward or reverse.

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Like most cars, you will probably have to remove the door panel, and there should be a few nuts holding it in place. the poor panel will most likely pop off, rather than just fall off when all screw are removed.

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Go to this website. It will show how to remove the door panel and the side mirror.

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You have to remove the inside door panel then you can see the holding assembly

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it is in driver mirror

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