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Just did this on mine. You will want to get the loaner tool from an Autozone for fan clutch removal. it will make your life a LOT easier. I found that first you remove a plastic cover on the top of the radiotor that extends out to the headlights. A couple screws and some plastic retainers. THen, there are two screws on the top and two on the bottom. remove those, and then disconnect the fan clutch eletronic connection which is on the drivers side hooked to the fan shroud. Remove the fan Shroud. Now, use the tool that you borrowed from Autozone to hold the pulley on the fan clutch from turning while you turn - Counter Clockwise - the shaft just behind the fan. The fan and clutch will come off together. THen you just unbolt the fan clutch from the fan...replace and reverse the steps.

These people make it all seem easy. The proper way to do this is to remove the entire front assembly! This is why it costs $600 at the dealer for labor! There is a faster way if you don't mind cutting a small hole for the clutch fan bolt! You can unbolt the clutch and then remove the fan from it. Push the Shroud towards the motor and separate clutch from the fan. you can cut a small hole from the front of the fan shroud so when your pulling the clutch up you have a spot where the bolt can easily move up and out. Good luck on this project...a real PITA! You may also only want to stick with a Ac Delco part.

It is a PITA, but take your time and it is quite easy. Dont cut anything. Use the tool as mentioned.

Drain about 2 quarts of antifreeze - the draincock is to the right side, lower portion of the radiator(Turn your steering wheel all the way to the right to have easier access or take off the tire) While that is draining,remove the plastic shroud over the radiator, two screws and two plastic inserts. Loosen the two bolts for the top-center raditor support, this doesnt give you much play, but every little bit helps. Remove the upper radiator hose and hold it out of the way with a clamp. Loosen the electrical connector on the right side of the fan shroud, let it hang. Remove the two top bolts for the fan shroud, the bottom just has notches for the shroud to sit in. Use the tool to remove the large nut for the fan and fan clutch assembly. Be CAREFUL and slowly work whole assembly out, this is the FRUSTRATING part. The biggest obstacle is the upper radiator fill neck to the left of the radiator, and be careful not to damage your radiator.

This took me about an hour to get it out - back in was easy.

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Q: How do you change a fan clutch on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LT?
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