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How to change 89-98 Cummins fuel filterHere is Directions for a 94-96; A 89-93 is nearly the same but the filter is much easier to access. A 97-98 are almost the same but the filter sits inside a canister at the same place.

The filter is located on driver side near the back of the engine (Pain in the rear to access). It is a metal type similar to an oil filter It has a water separator on the bottom of it. First unplug the wires on the water separator. Twist the filter off, a filter wrench may be necessary but they are difficult to get on the filter. Make sure gasket came with the filter. Remove the water separator change its rubber gasket and install on new filter. Make sure new gasket is properly seated on the new filter and fill filter with fresh diesel. Carefully put new filter back on engine, avoid getting debris in filter. Tighten 1/2 turn after gasket touches. Plug in Water separator wires Use manual primer to top off fuel in filter. It is located down and back from bottom of filter on engine block. Push it 30- 40 times Start vehicle.

If the truck doesn't start crack the nuts loose on the first three injectors (by exhaust manifold). Crank engine until fuel sprays out of cracked nuts. Tighten nuts and start truck.

After 1998.5 the lift pumps are electric and all you need to do is engage the starter for an instance and the pump will run.

Always be sure to drain and clean the can the filter cartridge is in on a 1998.5 and later.

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Q: How do you change a fuel filter on a dodge cummins?
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