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drain coolant. remove heater hoseson the inlet and outlets inside engine compartment passenger side near firewall.remove heater core pipe clamp.remove the glove box.remove insulation below it.remove the evaporator temp sensor wiring clip from the heater core cover. remove heater core cover. remove core clamp then slide the core out carefully.

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Q: How do you change a heater core in a 1994 Chevy Camaro?
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its quite a big job. the dash needs to be removed.

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I call a mechanic, someone who wouldn't ask the internet how to do it

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if you mean 4.3 then the answer is yes but you will have to change the brain (computer) to one out of a camaro that had a 350 alreadyand you will have to change the frame mounts and the wireing harness will still work but you will have to extend the alternator wire.hope that helps. You would be Putting Alot of power in that Chevy my father had a Chevy suberban custom 350 in it and wow that big rig moved fast!

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Go to any parts store and tell them what engine you have in your camaro and they will give you the right size.