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Unless your coolant has spilled into the driver/passenger compartment first you must drain the coolant out of the hoses and then you must remove the shifter console. Directly behind the console just below the radio you should see a square shape plastic box which contains the heater core you must open the box by unscrewing or unsnapping the fasteners. (Be patient. It's going to get a little tight but you can do it without having to remove the entire dash.)

Pay attention to how it's set up inside the box and just disconnect the old unit and replace it with the new, remember to retrace you steps when putting it all back together, it should take you about 1-2 hrs.

Don't forget refill your coolant and in most cases you have to have your A/C unit recharged after doing a heater core replacement.

Call your local auto-parts store and verify the A/C unit having to be recharged only if your vehicle comes with an A/C unit installed.

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Q: How do you change a heater core on a 1990 Pontiac Grand AM Quad 4?
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