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You need to remove the black cover under the dash (passenger side). Remove the two hoses/clamps from the engine side of the heater core, which is against the firewall. After removing the black cover (held down by a few screws), carefully remove the old core, being careful not to spill any remaining fluid from the old core. Obtain a Ford heater core from the dealer (precise fit, better than most aftermarket ones). This job is easier than most heater core replacements as you do NOT have to remove the dash or glove box to access this black cover.

answer u do need to remove glov box to access the heater core cover to remove glove box is as easy as removing the ash tray there is one screw to remove then glove box will lift out. then continue as first answer said

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Q: How do you change a heater core on a 1992 Ford Ranger?
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