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My 98 Stratus has two belts, on for the Power Steering and the other is the alternator belt. To get access to the belt a cover over the alternator must be remove. A 10mm socket on an extension is useful. Remove the old belt loosen the mounting bolts for the alternator and loosen the tensioning bolt. This bolt is mounted on the side of the alternator, facing the front of the car. Take note of the routing and check the underside of the hood for a diagram of the routing. Slide the old belt off the idler and remove then replace the new belt on in the same fashion. Note: the Dodge Stratus has a cover under vechile covering the belt and oil pan. I found it extremly useful to remove this cove to have access to the AC compressor and CrankShaft. Don't forget to tighten the belt using the alternator adjusting screw. Good Luck!

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2008-02-16 04:52:31
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Q: How do you change a serpentine belt on a 1998 dodge stratus?
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