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1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Detach the speed sensor connector at the rear differential.

3. Remove the sensor hold down bolt, then remove the sensor.

4. Clean the axle mounting surface using care not to get any dirt in the axle housing.

5. Inspect and clean the magnetized sensor pole piece.

To install:

6. Lubricate the new o ring on the sensor with new motor oil, then install the sensor.

7. Tighten the retaining bolt to 30 ft. pounds (40Nm).

8. Reattach the wiring harness connector. Connect negative battery cable.

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Q: How do you change a speed sensor on a 95 Ford Aerostar?
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On the 1995 ford Aerostar, the speed sensor is located on top of the differential. It is a magnetic style, mounted close to the input shaft.

Where is the speed sensor located on a ford aerostar?

The speed sensor is located on the rear axle, and is driven by an exciter ring on the carrier which your rear end gears are attached to.

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The 1997 Ford Aerostar oxygen sensor is screwed into the exhaust pipe. It is about even with the rear of the oil pan.

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which year model, what transmission do you have, and which speed sensor are we talking about?

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lots of reasons this could happen, more than likely a speed sensor has went out

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on the fire wall

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