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First step to doing mechanics is to disconect the battery!!!! get a nich jack with a rubber pad on it, a michelin 3.2 tone one is perfect. jack the engine under the oil pan (is the piece right under the engine in between the engine and the transaxl. Jacking up the engine is to relieve the weight off the engine mounts, because the starter motor has 3 bolts. 2 of the bolts go threw the engine and into the engine mount. after the engine is supported you can start by unbolting the wire guide and then unplug the wire and the ground wire. now you can start on the first engine support bolt. then you will have to get under the car... be careful make sure your with someone and you are doing everyhing safe. while the engine is still supported you have to unscrew the last 2 bolts. slide the starter out of the assembly and then slide the new one in. now put bolt all 3 bolts backin lose then one they are all in tighten them all. If the bolts don't seem to be going in then you will have to slowly raise the engine or lower it till the bolt matched the engine support bracket. do everything in reverse order and then your starter is good to go!!!!!! Check to make sure this matches your model ov vw. this is for a mk3 jetta gls

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โˆ™ 2006-09-03 22:22:45
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Q: How do you change a starter on a 2002 VW Jetta VR6?
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No it doesn't is has a VR6 (V6)

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6 qts 6 qts

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Answer195/50/15The question specified a 2001 VW Jetta VR6 GLS THESE are 205/55/16s.

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yes. vr6 (glx) jettas have a hydraulic clutch.

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The solenoid electrical sensor is responsible for allowing a shift in gears. The sensor in a Jetta VR6 can be fixed by a dealer mechanic.

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The thermostat on a VW Jetta VR6 is replaced by removing the upper radiator hose and unbolting the radiator housing. The thermostat is then removed from its housing and a new thermostat installed.

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It is OBD2 in models after 1995.5

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