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How do you change a thermostat on a 1998 Toyota 4Runner?

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2007-01-10 00:34:23

Should go something like this. 1. Purchase new parts.

2. Follow the upper Radiator hose back to the block your Thermostat

should be there.

3. Get a 12mm socket and extension if you need it and the


4. Turn the Ratchet Counter Clockwise to loosen them and then

remove them.

5. Now get a puddy knife or something from your toolbox to clean

and remove the old gasket.

6. Place new gasket and thermostat on the engine (sealant may be

required) and replace the bolts.

7. Tighten the bolt Clockwise to the required torque. For correct

steps and other detailed info

[ Get a Manual Here]

Good Luck and Remember.

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