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look for a nut or cotter pin on the axle, where wheel goes onto shaft,

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2007-10-01 13:56:54
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Q: How do you change a tire on a wheel horse lawn mower?
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A lawn mower is an example of a compound machine?

Yes a lawn mower is a compound machine. Example: The wheel is a wheel and axle.

What are the parts in a lawn mower?

I know only the simple machines in a lawn mower. Wedge, lever, wheel and axle, and screw.

Why a lawn mower turns when pushed at an angle from a sidewalk onto the grass?

When one of the lawn mower's wheels enters the grass it causes the lawn mower to slow down due to friction. If you keep pushing on the lawn mower, the wheel on the grass will act like a moving pivot, and the lawn mower will turn to a different angle.

How do you replace front wheel bearings on your L130 john deere lawn mower?

To replace the front wheel on your L130 John Deere lawn mower you need to first take out the old one. Place the jack under the front wheel frame of the lawn mower, then place the new bushings over the axle hole in the wheel.

Can actomousprime change into a lawn mower?

Yes it can change into anything.

What is a gas lawn mower?

A gas lawn mower is a lawn mower which is powered by gasoline.

What does the lawn mower do?

a lawn mower mows or cuts a lawn :)

Is burning gas in lawn mower a physical change?

no. Chemical Change

What tool uses a wheel?

A pizza cutter, a grinding wheel, a baseball/ softball launcher, a lawn mower, a pottery wheel.

How do you lift a riding lawn mower to change the blades?

You can lift a riding lawn mower with a car or floor jack in order to change the blades. Simply place the jack under the frame of the lawn mower but away from the blades to lift it. Then, block the mower up using bricks or concrete blocks.

Is burning gas in a lawn mower a chemical or physical change?

Chemical Change

How do you change the front tires on a self propelled Yard Machine mower?

How to Change the Tires on Self-Propelled lawn Mower

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