How do you change a wiper blade?

1. Buy the correct-fit replacements. Correct replacement windshield wiper blades are not only correct length, but also correct attachment. Never just buy by length only. Always lookup your vehicle in an application guide at the store or now-a-days you can 'lookup wiper size' online. The key to an easy install is correct size/correct part numbers.

2. The new replacement wipers will have step-by-step, illustrated instructions. Take your new wiper blades and instructions out to your vehicle and physically get the old and new wipers in your hands and take a look. The instructions will make 100% sense once you're looking and touching them.

3. Most wiper replacements do not require tools and take approximately 2-15 minutes.

There are 22 different wiper arm attachments - see related links below for wiper blade installation videos for the 13 most common wiper arm attachments - front and rear.