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well it depends which one there are two one that is directly on the exhaust manifold and there is one after the cat. the one after the cat if kind of difficult to change due to the fact that you need to get under the car and it limited movement. the one that's on the exhaust manifold is very easy. all you have to do is disconnect the oxygon sensor, then remove the heat shield (the one with the warning do not touch sign on it. when removing the heat shield its very important to use some liquid wrench(or similar product) to help un bolt it due to the possible rust built up. after removing the heat shield you then just unbolt the old O2 sensor and again the liquid wrench will come in very handy in this stwp du to the fact that there is the possibility of breaking the o2 sensor from unbolting it but if you use the liquid wrench and give it some time for it to desolve the built up rust it should be a breeze. after successfully unbolting and disposing of the old O2 sensor then you just bolt the new one in and put the heat shield back on and then connect the new O2 sensor. if the check engine light was on before the installation you will have to reset it(this can be done by taking the black battery connector and disconnect it for approzimatly 5 seconds) after youre done you should start up your car and youll notice an imidiate difference in how the car idles and you should also generally get better gas mileage.

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Q: How do you change an O2 sensor on 97 Honda Accord?
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