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How do you change an idler pulley for a 95 Ford Mustang 3.8L V6?

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2011-09-13 00:08:54

Tools: Eye protection, wrench, Allen wrench or both to loosen

the idler pully, a socket and long handled braker bar to loosen the

tensioner. First, check the size of the wrench you will need to

remove the idler pully (either a nut on the back of the pully or an

Allen wrench from the front.) do not loosen! Next find a socket

that will fit the tensioner (The tensioner is the only pully on an

arm) At the tensioner there is a nut that the socket will fit

(don't worry you cannot remove the nut as it is built into the

tensioner) attach socket and braker bar to the tensioner. Either

push or pull the braker bar and the tensioner will either tighten

the serpentine belt or loosen it. Loosen it and hold breaker bar in

place by letting it rest against something (holding the breaker bar

for 10 to 15 minutes is the pitts) Only pull the belt off one pully

(such as the alternator or AC) Once the belt is off one of the

pullys, slowly release the breaker bar. It will travel beyond its

normal traveling area. You may have to put the belt back on the

tensioner and reposition the socket and breaker bar to get the

travel you need to remove the belt. If you are changing the belt,

make sure you have a diagram to reinstall the belt. The idler pully

can now be removed using the other wrench. To reinstall reverse the

procedure and slip the belt over the pullys and check to make sure

that all the belt grooves are in all the pully grooves. Have

someone start the car with instructions to shut the car off

immediatly if the belt is not installed correctly. (Be extra

carefull when starting the car. Do not get to close as if the belt

is installed incorrectly it can jump out and bite you) tata G

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