How do you change and set the timing belt on a 2000 Daewoo Lanos?

You have to take the plastic guard on top of the spark plugs off, pull out the air box, take off the air conditioning belt if you have air, pull off the serpentine belt by loosening the alternator. Then you can get at the plastic belt covers. Remove the screws holding the plastic on. Then remove the pulley between the upper and lower covers. That should set the top cover free. Then pull off the crank pulley and the two screws in the lower timing belt cover to expose the lower one. The manual says to then loosen bolts on the water pump pulley, that thing obviously in the middle of the belt is not it. The small sprocket on the left hand side is the water pump. But you need a special tool to twist the pump to release tension on the belt. If you don't have the tool, you can release the tension on the belt tensioner, that bald plastic wheel on the left. -BE CAREFUL FROM HERE ON OUT- look at the tensioner. On the left are some shiny points. Take a medium screwdriver and lift the one that moves. If you let this snap back it will break and these tensioners cost $100 a pop. With the tension relieved, have a buddy start pulling off the belt. If you are just removing a belt that hasn't broken, try not to move any of the pullys while doing this. If the belt did break, which is what happened to me, this is an interference engine, so expect some bent valves. Im praying mine aren't that bad so I can trade the thing in. Anyway, if it did break, point the mark on the crankshaft pulley down, aligned with the notch in the tin behind all the pulleys. Then with the 1.6 twin cams point the marks on these babies at eachother. Then put the belt on, careful not to move any of the pulleys. If you have the tool, do a compression test. If you don't, unplug the spark distributor thing and have a helper turn the engine over. Listen for tapping and banging. If the sad answer is yes, the valves are making noise, you have some bent. Probably the exhaust valves (towards the front of the engine). The guy at the former Daewoo dealership says the car should run, it might skip but it would run. but I can't get mine to start. No compression. Good luck.