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Locate the radiator and the coolant reservoir box. Remove the lid of the coolant reservoir. Then remove the drain plug from the bottom of the radiator. When the fluid has leaked out, put the plug in place. Pour in a mixture of distilled water and antifreeze into the reservoir, according to your needs or the specifications. Run the engine for three minutes, then check the coolant level and add more if needed. Be careful not to remove the hose from the reservoir as the plastic nipple it is fastened to will easily break if too much force is used.

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Q: How do you change antifreeze on a 2003 Honda Rubicon ATV?
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How much oil does a 2003 Honda rubicon engine hold?

4.9 quarts when if you change the filter too...4.7 if you don't

Where do you put antifreeze for Honda civic 2003?

In the radiator.

What size spark plug wrench for 2003 Honda rubicon ATV?


What typle of coolant is used for a 2003 Jeep Wrangler rubicon?

Extended Life Antifreeze which you can get at any retail locations

How to change the antifreeze on a 2003 alero?

To change the antifreeze on a 2003 Alero once the car cools remove that radiator pressure cap. Pour in a gallon of pre mixed coolant.

How do you change antifreeze on a 2003 Saturn ion-3?

To change the antifreeze on a 2003 Saturn Ion-3, locate the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator. Drain the liquid into a pan before refilling it.

How do you change antifreeze in a Honda civic 2003 1.7 ctdi?

When changing the antifreeze first drain the old fluid by disconnecting the lower radiator hose. Plug the hose in and add coolant to the radiator. Check for air in the system, bleed if necessary.

Did jeep make a wrangler Rubicon edition in 1998?

No. The Rubicon came out in 2003.

Where does the antifreeze go on a 2003 Honda rincon?

in front of the instrument cluster the black "hood" piece remove it and have fun

When the Jeep began to produce the Rubicon model Can it be 1998?

No! 2003 was the first year of the rubicon!

What year was the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon introduced?

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon was introduced in 2003.

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i wana change speaker for 2003 Honda accord

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