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I just got done doing this on mine! be aware though, mine dosen't have air conditioning! and it is a 97 jx! First, you have to loosen the Power Steering pump, it has a swing bolt on top and a short bolt located right behind the power steering pully. You will need a 3/8 socket wrench with a 12mm socket and fit it between the spaces on the pulley as the bolt is only accessed from the front of the pump. this bolt is just under the pulley shaft. You can see the bolt from under the car. My pump was set at the lowest point of swing and then had a belt put on (factory). I had to pry it off! I replaced it with the next size up so that putting on the new one would be no problem. The other belt is easier, you have to loosen the top swing bolt on the alternator and the bottom bolt, then just loosen the alternator and the belt will come off. NOTE: you need to use the 3/8 on this one too and the 12mm socket if you can, but be aware that the engine mount is right in front of the bottom bolt and gives you very little room for movement you will need to be on that bolt straight or you risk rounding off the bolt. these bolts seem pretty soft. well i because i didnt have this info, i found out the hard way!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do you change both belts on a Suzuki Sidekick?
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What is the spark plug gap for a 1997 suzuki sidekick?

0.029 in. ...........for both 1.6L and 1.8L engine

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check if you have fuel and spark it needs both to work

Will a 1989 Suzuki Sidekick ECM work in a 1991 Geo Tracker if both engines are 8 valve?

YES, as long as both engines are a 1.6L 8V then the ECM's are the same.

Will a Suzuki Sidekick motor fit into your 97 Geo Metro 3cylindar and if so will it bolt to your transmission or do you have to change that too?

If they're both the 1.0 and either both automatic or both stick, it should. If one's an auto and other stick, it won't work because the crank shaft pilot holes are not the same size.

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There are two belts. Here is how to change them both. Pictures included.

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Where is the fuel filter located on both a 1991 and 1993 Suzuki Sidekick and what are the symptoms that it would need replaced?

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How do you replace oil pan on 1991 Suzuki Sidekick?

you probobly don't want to know... you have to remove the front differential! or you can pull the whole engine...both are equally daunting tasks.

Will a 1998 Suzuki sidekick air conditioner fit in a 1996 Suzuki x90?

there are 2 systems. in 1995 , the car was sold with both r12 and r134, different major parts. so are not interchangeable. 95 and back, but 94 and back can be. but 96-98 is a family. and are compatible. hope that helps. I am pretty sure it will, I know a '96 sidekick or tracker will fit. Most of the sidekick tracker stuff works. Check out the x90 yahoo group, very helfpul there.

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Is there any informationabout your 1995 suzuki sidekick on the web?

Try or!make=Chevrolet&model=Tracker both of theese are very helpful

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How do you change a serpentine belt on a 95 park ave Do you need to remove the upper engine mount?

I have a '96 Ultra and I've changed both belts. I had to remove the bottom screw of the upper engine mount to change both the Supercharger and Accessory belts. Take the right front tire off for easier access. Remove the bolt, then get a star socket and remove the screw. There is a metal piece held in by the screw. With the screw missing you can now pull the belts through. You'll have to route the belts in front of the pulley that is behind the mount. I am a Do-It-Yourselfer. I've done this twice. And that's how I did it. Also, make sure you don't waste your money on cheap belts. Pay a little extra for good belts so you won't have to do this much.

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== == what engine. there are 2 and both are different. but the answer is , adjust the idle bleed screw on the throttle body in both cases. but high idle , means something else is wrong. re post , what motor you have. 8v or 16v == == == == Try this web site, It's for the 1993 suzuki swift but there is also specs on the sidekick as well. Otherwise your local library should have service manuals that you can make copies from. Other than that your local auto partsstore should have Chiltons brand manuals for sale. Hope this helps!!

How to replace front rotors on a suzuki sidekick?

just wondering if anyone can suggest how to remove the rotors on my 96 sidekick> sure. this wiki has way to many questions. and most are redundant. wheels off , on jack stands. chocks on rear wheels see rotors. see the 2 screw holes at the rim of the rotor top hat.? insert a 8mm screw in both , turn them evenly. until " pop." that is it. (all zuks)

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