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How do you change brake pads on a 1998 Honda Accord EX?


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I will try to make this a simple as possible.

Engage the parking brake.

Loosen (Don't remove) the lug nuts on the front tires.

Jack up the car.

Insert Jack Stands under the front of the car.

Remove the lug-nuts and one tire

You should now be able to see the brake caliper and disks.

Loosen the cover on the brake fluid reservoir under the hood so air can get in and out.

There are two bolts, that have to be removed, to allow access to the brake pads. They are on the back side of the caliper. Once removed the entire caliper should slide off.

The brake pads can be removed from the caliper.

To install the new pads, you must push the piston back to allow enough room for them. To do this use a C-clamp and a small board (I have used a putty knife in a pinch). Put the board over the piston and place the C-clamp over the board and the back of the caliper. This way as you tighten the C-clamp you force the Piston back until there is room for the new brake pads. You may also see brake fluid flowing back into the reservoir (AKA Master Cylinder). This was why you loosened the lid.

Put the Caliper back in place. Reinstall the bolts and tire. Repeat on the other front tire.

If you have drum brakes on the back you are done. If not follow the same procedure for the back brakes as well.

I am attaching a link with pictures. Good luck.

on the rear brake pads, there is a center stud on the back of the pad. make sure that this stud is aligned in the center of the piston. the rear brake is a screw type piston. make sure the brake pad stud is aligned in the center of the cross of the piston.


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