How do you change brakes on a 1998 Lincoln Navigator?

It should not take you long to do this. First, remove the tire. Second you will see two bolts behind the brake caliper (one on top and one down low). Once you've done this just gently pull it off, there is a metal tube so don't bend it. After you have done this you can either pull off the rotor to replace it or continue to change the pads. If you are looking from the backside, you will see two bolts with seethes these are your caliper mounting bolts. Just pull from where they are connected and it will slide right off. Almost there, the only thing that is holding the pads in are two pins that are weirdly shaped. Take a pair of pliers and pull them off. Finally slide the pads off and put it all back together. **BE SURE TO PUT BRAKE GREASE ON THE PINS BEFORE PUTTING THEM BACK OTHERWISE YOUR BRAKES WILL SQUEAK.** good luck