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I would recommend you replace the entire hinge and forget about repairing it. In my experience this is the best route to take.

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Q: How do you change door hinge pins and bushings on a 1986 Chevy half ton pickup?
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How do you change the door hinge pins and bushings on a 1994 GMC 1500 pickup truck?

How do you change the door hinge pins and bushings on a 2002 GMC 1500 pickup truck?"

How do you align 2004 Chevy Blazer door?

Replace the hinge pins and bushings.

What is do you put inside a tailgate hinge for a Chevy pickup?

A little grease.

How do you change the front door hinge pin and bushing on 2005 sierra?

The door needs to be supported on a jack with a helper steadying it. With the hinge either on the truck or off, hammer the pin out of the hinge. You may need to grind the tip off to get it out. Hammer the bushings out then install the new bushings in as well as the pin. Do the same for the other hinge.

How do you repair 1994 Chevy truck hinges?

i used to work for a Chevy dealer....if you already put new hinge pins and bushings in you now have to replace hinges that have to be welded in

How do you replace door hinge bushings on a 1993 Nissan Sentra?

Have to remove the door, then remove pins and bushings

How do you repair door hinge on 2001 Sunfire?

Most problems with an automobile door hinge is worn out bushings. There is a small rubber bushing behind the adjustment bolts. Replace the bushings.

How do you fix the door from making a grinding noise in a 1994 Chevy Caprice?

It's a good idea to lube the door hinges every time you change the oil or lube your chassis. Once the hinge pins are worn to to the point that they make noise, you'll need to replace the hinge pins and bushings.

Why your car door sags?

Hinges or Hinge bushings are worn.

How do you change the door hinge pins and bushings on a 1995 firebird?

From what I was told, from the guy at the auto store, you can't. You have to replace the entire bracket.

How do you adjust a door on a 2002 s10 pickup not the hinge?

Usually a new set of hinge pins and bushings bring the door back to alignment. If something got bent you basically have to re-bend it. I've seen it done with blocks of wood and a floor jack.

Why do both doors on your s-10 Chevy leak and how do you fix?

Replace all the door hinge pins and bushings. By doing so it will realign the door back to where it belongs.

How do you replace a door hinge pin on a 94 S10 Chevy pickup?

I found an excellent web page that walks you through this step by step:

Whats the easiest way to replace the dome light switch on the passenger side of a Chevy Tahoe?


How do you change door hinge bushings on 2000 silverado?

go to any auto store and buy new pins and bushings. open door, cut off pins. knock out the pins that are left after cutting. intall new bushings, then new pins,most times this can be accomplished with out removing hinges

How do you replace the door hinge pins and bushings on a 1995 chev silverado?

you take it to a shop

How do you replace the door hinge pin on a 1997 Chevy pickup?

A guy I met who does body work told me that you impact the door pins out of the hinge. the bushings go bad on them so it causes the door to sag and not close properly. I just don't know if you have to impact hammer them from the top down or bottom up. I think its from the top down. post back if this is right or not. I need to replace the pins on my driver side door too.

How do replace the door spring on a 2003 Chevy s 10?

Your local auto parts store can sell you an inexpensive tool to remove and replace that door detente spring. Other hinge parts such as the pin and roller for the door detente and hinge pins and bushings are also available.

How do you replace door hinge pins on a 1993 Mercury Cougar?

Hold the end of the door with a jack, grind the head from the old pin, knock out the old pin, remove the door half of the hinge, drill out the hinge to accept the new bushings, install the new bushings, re-bolt the hinge to the door, finally, insert the new pin and install the C clip

How do you install door hinges on 98 Chevy blazser?

The factory hinges are welded in place. They can be replaced. The spot welds have to be drilled out and the new hinges are bolted in with backing plates. The cab side upper half of the hinges are the most difficult to replace. They require removing the entire dash assembly. There is a good possiblity that the original hinges can be restored by replacing only the hinge pins and bushings. The hinge pins and bushings are available at your local auto parts store. A good mechanic can do this with out replacing the whole hinge assembly. If the pins are worn beyond the bushings and have worn into the hinge bushing support some welding may be required to fill in the worn area.

The door latch on 94 Chevy suburban does not shut properly how do i adjust?

replace the door hinge pins and bushings. The latches never need adjusting. You can get these at autozone in the red HELP packages most of the time.

How do you fix a car door that wont close?

Can't tell without seeing your problem but, most problems with doors start with worn out door hinge pins and bushings. Letting the hinge pins and bushings wear out leads to damaged door latches and strikers.

Can not get the spring back in the door hinge on 1997 Chevy pickup?

Your local auto parts store will sell you a simple tool to do just that. It should sell for under $10.

How do you adjust the doors on a 1999 GMC Sonoma or S10 truck?

I've worked for GM for over 10 years. Look at your door hinge pins and bushings first, they are probably wore out. To tell if the pins and bushings are worn out, open the door and lift up on it from the end opposite the hinges. If the door has any play at all the pins/bushings are worn. If you let them go too long the holes in the hinge wear the bushings sit can get wallered out.

How do you adjust the door on 2002 Chevy s-10?

Replace the worn door hinge pins and bushings and the door should line up where it belongs. The pin and bushing kits are available from your local auto parts store.