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Stick a screwdriver under the edge and pry it up. The whole switch panel just pops up. Many times the switch is not bad, just the wires get loose. Mine did that occsionally and it is easy to get to. After you fiddle with the switch and wires, try it before you snap it back in. Very easy job. VBdenny

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โˆ™ 2005-10-23 23:34:13
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Q: How do you change driver-side window switches on 92 Chevy Caprice-access under armrest?
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I did one on my 1995 and I had to remove the door panel, electric window switches, etc. It will require basic tools.. nothing special. The panel is held in place by a few screws around the armrest area and plastic clips around the edge. It took me about 2 hours the first time. Disconnect the battery, remove all obvious screws, then carefully pry up the edges and pop the clips, one by one; unplug the switches etc. Go slow, watch what you are doing, don't force anytthing and you will get it.

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