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using a 1/2 socket or box wrench,take the 2 screws off of the back of the brake caliper remove it(don't let it hang form the hose) and pull the pads off and replace new

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Q: How do you change front brakes on 2000 mountaineer?
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How do you replace the air brakes on a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer?

The Mercury Mountaineer has hydraulic brakes, not air brakes.

How do you change the rear brakes on your 2000 buick regal?

same as the front there both disk brakes just like the front

Will a transmission on a 2005 mercury mountaineer fit on a 2000 mercury mountaineer?

No,a transmission on a 2005 mercury mountaineer will not fit on a 2000 mercury mountaineer unless you change the oil message on the mountaineer.

What tools are needed to change the brakes on a 2000 Chevy silverado LT?

a torx bit size t-55 for front brakes

Do you need any special tools to change the front brakes of a 2000 Silverado Z71?

No special tools needed.

How do you remove the front drums on a 2000 f-150 4x4?

first you need to check your brakes 2000 vehicles dont have front drums, they have disk brakes

How do you change the front rotors and brakes on a 2000 olds intrigue?

Remove the wheel, the calipers and the rotors, reverse procedure with new rotors.

Does the 2000 Ford Explorer have disk brakes?

On a 2000 Ford Explorer : ( Yes , there are disc brakes , front and rear )

Is there a front rear end on a 2000 mercury mountaineer?

If your vehicle has 4 wheel drive, then yes, it has a differential in the front axle.

Where is the ecm on a Chevy s 10 2000?

front brakes

Is a 2000 mercury mountaineer unabody?

No , a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer is body on frame

What size Allen wrench do you use to change front brakes on a 2000 cougar?

You need a torx type socket. If you use an Allen will strip out the inside of the bolt.

How do you change the front brakes on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

HI Simple answer is go to mechanic and change it. otherwise if u r interested to change it then remove all the parts and write it down the sequence of that and refitted same in reverse direction.

How do you reset traction control on 2000 Chevy cavalier?

You should suspect the rear brakes for this one...maybe at their wear limit and keeps the light on....Possibly the front brakes...This IS a 2000 model.

What is the minimum speed that the airbag should deploy in a front end collision in a 2000 Mountaineer?

The force of the collision has to great enough

How do you set clock on 2000 mountaineer?

'how do I set the clock on a 2001 mercury mountaineer'

Does a 2000 Dodge Caravan have disk or drum brakes?

Front disc, rear drum

How long do front brakes last on 2000 Ford Focus?

Depends on your driving habits.

How do you change the front axle on my dodge Dakota 2000 4x4?

howdo you change the front axel of a dodge Dakota 2000 4x4

Where is the fuel pressure regulator in a 2000 mercury mountaineer v-8?

were is fuel regulater 2000 mountaineer 5.0

What is causing shaking in front of 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Warped Rotors on your Front Brakes. Have them turned or purchase new ones.

Does a 2000 LS Saturn have drums or rotors?

Yes. Rotors on front brakes, drums on rear.

Firing order for spark plugs on 2000 mercury mountaineer?

firing order for 2000 mercury mountaineer with a 4.0, v-6 engine

Where is the location of your fuel pump reset switch on your 2000 ford Mercury mountaineer?

On a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer : The fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch , which has a reset button on top of the switch ) is located in the front passenger footwell by ( or behind ) the kick panel * the kick panel is the interior trim panel , in front of the front door , beside the front passengers right foot *

How do you change the rear brakes on a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero?

Ours has 4-wheel disc and the rears are changed the same as the front ones. You must remove the caliper assemblies to install the new pads.