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Open the hood, see the long hex shape screws going down into the headlamp assembly. Remove the bezel retaining screws. Pull the sealed beam unit forward and discount the plug from the rear. Change bulbs,but DON'T use bare hand to handle the new bulbs. And don't crank down on the screw when reinstalling. I did, and have to get a new headlamp assembly fram b/c I cracked it.

2007-02-01 19:18:36
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Which car or truck companies have a hybrid pickup truck?

Chevrolet, Phoenix Motorcars, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Sierra, and Hyundai are some examples of car companies that manufacture hybrid pickup truck.

What is the fuel pressure on a 1993 gm sierra pickup truck?

It is usually between 9-13 PSI.

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The factory alarm on a GMC Sierra pickup truck can be reset by removing the fuse. Take the fuse out for 10 seconds and replace it. This will reset the alarm.

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The interior door panel, on a 2006 GMC Sierra pickup truck, can be removed by removing the retaining clips. The door handle should also be removed.

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The estimated amount of recalls concerning the 2003 GMC Sierra car model (a very popular pickup truck manufactured by General Motors) is around 20,000 recalls.

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Look under the vehicle along the frame - follow the fuel line from the tank

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