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Rover 75 Series

How do you change hoses on rover 75 diesel?

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There are a number of reasons for this, but varies between petrol and diesel. Diesels dont like the cold. The diesel engines in the 75 are BMW common rail engines.

There are extensive guides on the Rover Owners Club forums. Google it!

115 or 131 according to the type and year of production

Yes, i believe the rover 75CDT and CDTI diesel engine (called M47R) is the very same as the BMW E46 320 diesel engine (called M47). This BMW engine was also used in the BMW E39 520 diesel car This information is available on WIKIPEDIA. Regards Tommy

Rover 75 share the BMW 3 series platform and technique. Petrol engines are manufactured by MG Rover (except 4.6 V8 produce by Ford). The 2.0 l diesel, four cylinder inline, turbocharged engines, called CDT-116 PS and CDTI-131 PS, are BMW M47 common-rail diesel engine produced from 1998 to 2007 year. Same engine you can find in BMW 3 and 1 series.

How do i time rover 75 v6 engine/

it does not have a timing belt, it is a chain drive which should be good for the life of the car

Rover 75 Under bonnet fuel pump - WQB100482 - Roughly £180 Rover 75 Under bonnet fuel pump - WQB100482 - Roughly £180

Not easy you have to remove radiator and loosen steering pump to get access to it there are 3 bolts holding it on , slacken drive belt first and remember to disconnect the battery lead before you start good luck

in my opinion yes, i got my 75 rover a while back and it still works perfectly

where is the parking buzzer located in the rover 75 .its somewere in the front but i cant find were as it has stoped working

The height of the 2006 Land-Rover Range-Rover is 6 ft. 3 in. (75 in.).

you can find the sump plug in rover spares department.

Petrol engines 10w/40 ACEA A2 (spec.) Diesel engines 10w/40 ACEA A3/B3 (spec.) ...or better.

you have to take to a rover dealer to put out the service light

i have a rover 75, 1.8. it has about 26,000 miles on clock. when does my timing belt need changing

I had the same problem on my diesel 75, it is mounted on the end of the gearbox. I found it easiest to jack up the nsf corner, remove the wheel, then I had good access to pull off the sensor and replace.

under the rear seat on the drivers side on a v6 75

the master cylinder is on top of the clutch pedal, you will need to remove cover above pedals, and you will see the reservoir cap, its not easy to get to or to take off.

if it has one, which is unlikely because it is pre 2004, when these were introduced for diesels, it will be within 30 cm or so of the driver's right knee, possibly under a flap somewhere.

They're all like that, especially the Diesel. It's not bad when new but gets worse as the clutch wears. If it judders as well it may be contaminated or the dual-mass flywheel may be on the way out (the petrol engine has one - not just the diesel)

The starter motor is at the rear of the engine.

Difficult to work on and lots of garages wouldn't touch mine which is a Rover 75 V6 auto. I got a garage to carry out repair for about

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