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How do you change oil in a 450 yahama grizzley ATV?

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hello, you will need a yamalube oil change kit for your bike, 1/2 or 3/4 inch wrench, a filter remover or your hands.

1-unscrew your dipstick

2-get a tray to hold the used oil and unscrew your oil plug witch is under the bike

3-take off your filter by unscrewing it with your hand if you can if not use the tool for it

4-once all the used oil has done dripping screw your plug under the bike (do not cross tread it)

5-replace your filter

6-make sure to check everything is tigth

7-put in new oil

8-chek the oil to make sure theirs the rigth amount

9-put the dipstick snug

10-run it for 5 min check it again

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What is the fastest stock 450 ATV?

the fastest stock 450 ATV is the ds 450 by can-am.

How do you know if you yamaha ATV is a 400 or a 450?

how do you know if your yamaha atv is a 400 or a 450

Would the 350 motor on a 1996 yahama big bear ATV fit on a 1991 yahama big bear 350 frame?

yes a perfect fit

What is the fastest 450 ATV?

ktm 450 sx


The KTM 450 XC ATV is a Sport Style ATV equipped with an 447.9cc, liquid cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with front and rear disc brakes. The XC ATV 450 has a Double A-Arm front suspension with 10.2 inches of travel while the rear suspension has 10.4 inches of travel. The 450 XC ATV was introduced in 2008 for cross country racing.

What 450 ATV has the most hp?

The Can-Am ds450 currently holds the title for highest stock horsepower for a 450cc atv

How much horsepower does a ktm 450 ATV have?

51.33 HP Exact

How do you replace choke cable in ATV Honda Foreman 450?

how do you replace a choke cable on a 2001 Honda 450 foreman

Top speed of a kawasaki 450 ATV?

I would say at least 105

What is the top speed of the kawasaki 450 ATV in kilometer?

With stock gearing 110 kph

What kind of fluid is in the transmission of Honda foreman 450?

ATV engine oil 10W40

What is the top speed of a yfz 450?

About 82mph stock! Very trustworthy ATV I would recommend.

Which ATV is better Yamaha yfz 450r ktm 450 xc or the ktm 450 sx?

The KTM sx is fast but the yfz is the best for what I do, what kind of riding do you do?

Blazer only starts with starter fluid?

I have a 1999 Yahama Blaster ATV. The ATV will only start when i spay starter fluid into the air filter, when i spray the starter fluid into the air filter it will only run for a short time. I have cleaned the carbraoter, and air filter seems to be in good working condition as well, the ATV also seems to have good compression.

Where is the serial number located on a 2003 Honda trx 450?

The 2003 Honda TRX 450 is a model of ATV. The serial number is located on the chassis between the two front tires.

What is the best 450 ATV?

If I was looking for a 450V ATV I would go to some dealers and test drive a few to see witch one I liked the best. It's up to you to decide what is best for you.

What is the fastest Yamaha production ATV stock or fixed up?

Okay the banshee is exceptionaly slow even for a two stroke. im saying the fastest ATV as of right now is a YFZ 450

What type of transmission oil do you put in a 2007 450 Honda ATV?

same as motor gn4 Honda motor oil

How do you change oil in 2007 Yamaha wolverine 450 ATV?

it is located on top of the engine behind the drive train, and you simply just twist counter clockwise to loosen and take off, it is the black cylinder on top of the engine.

How do you change ATV tires?

Try the link below.

How do you remove the rear bearings on a Honda Atv foreman 450?

Start with a huge hammer, if that doesn't work get a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

How do you check transmission fluid on a Honda foreman 450 ATV?

You just unscrew the oil dipstick it is all a one piece unit.

What BIOS is used to change settings on the motherboard?

ATV signal

Can the middle umber in an ATV tire size change?


What type of vehicle is the Yamaha YFZ 450?

The Yamaha YFZ 450 is a light-weight sports all terrain vehicle (ATV). It has a high-performance four stroke engine and is one of Japan's most popular ATVs.

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