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How do you change oil in a 450 yahama grizzley ATV?



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hello, you will need a yamalube oil change kit for your bike, 1/2 or 3/4 inch wrench, a filter remover or your hands.

1-unscrew your dipstick

2-get a tray to hold the used oil and unscrew your oil plug witch is under the bike

3-take off your filter by unscrewing it with your hand if you can if not use the tool for it

4-once all the used oil has done dripping screw your plug under the bike (do not cross tread it)

5-replace your filter

6-make sure to check everything is tigth

7-put in new oil

8-chek the oil to make sure theirs the rigth amount

9-put the dipstick snug

10-run it for 5 min check it again