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How do you change out the rear end on a 1989 Nissan 240SX?

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2015-07-15 21:43:04
2015-07-15 21:43:04
for all 240sx'sThis goes for all years of Nissan 240sx's (1989-1998). This refers to non ABS and non HICAS models, difference may exist in process.

Tools needed: 14mm socket 12mm socket 18mm socket 12mm open end wrench 14mm open end wrench Hopefully someone to help.


1.) Pull the ebrake

2.) Make sure transmission is in neutral

3.) Jack up the car and put on 4 jack stands.

4.) Remove drive shaft bolts from the rear end carrier, this should be 4 14mm bolts which you will need to do 2 at a time. Once the first 2 are removed, disengage the ebrake, rotate driveshaft until the other 2 bolts are visible, pull the ebrake again (this is where having someone to help, well, helps).

5.) Disengage the ebrake Unbolt the axles, depending on the year and other factors, your car may have 5 bolt or 6 bolt axles. Unbolt the axles with the 12mm socket and open end wrench.

6.) Slip the axles off of the carrier

7.) CATION: When doing this, it helps to have a second person or a jack stand under the rear end as it is heavy and will more than likely break your face. Unbolt the 2 carrier bolts which are attached to the sub frame with 18mm socket.

With this, the rear end should come out with some finesse. Good luck.

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