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How do you change rear brakes on Nissan Sentra?

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2008-11-10 04:50:22

I have NEVER read a manual or asked anyone how to replace the

brakes on any vehcile in the over 20 years of working on vehicles.

If you have to get your brakes worked on, and you have no knowledge

of vehicle brakes, have someone you know, who knows HOW TO DO IT

RIGHT, show you. or Take it to a shop. The most prominent weapon in

use in America today is the Automobile. Playing with it, is like

playing with a loaded 357 magnum with the hammer cocked. That being

said an appropriate Haynes or Chiltons Manual can provide

reasonably detailed instructions on how to change the brake shoes.

Ensure you exercise proper safety by using jack stands, chocks, and

avoiding inhalation of brake shoe dust as it may contain asbestos.

Use a digital camera to record the way the brakes parts are put

together before disassembly. Lay the parts out in the order of

disassembly so that it will be easier to reassemble them. Consider

adding aftermarket brake bleed nipples that contain internal check

valves and reduce the brake bleeding job to one person.

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