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to change the belt ....there sould be a diagram of running route ...under the will have to drop the special tool ....flat heat screwdriver....socket to drop starter. GOOD LUCK, LISA No, you do NOT need to remove the starter! Are you kidding? That's like the GM Vega, having to pull the engine to remove spark plugs! Starter has nothing to do with the belts. You need a belt tensioner tool (up to 1990) to release the tension of the belt. Put new one on using the same routing of the old belt. Release tension off tensioner, and good to go. If you have the belt off, it is a good idea to also replace water pump belt, since it runs behind it. (up to about 1991... '92 and later use serpentine for water pump as well) Keep in mind, Tempo up to 1990 uses a different tool for the tensioner. 1991 and later, you can just use a 1/2 inch ratchet drive.

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Q: How do you change serpentine belt on 1991 ford tempo and what tool needed?
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