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OK LISTEN UP! I own a 1992 Camry, V6, 3VZ-FE

I did the job myself in a bit over 1 hour and it's very very easy:

1) The spark plug gap on just about all Camry engines 92-96 is 0.043 inches2) DO ONLY 1 plug at a time.3) start in the back because they are hardest to remove.4) All you need to do is squeeze your hand in the gap and remove the wire, The using extensions and a 5/8 socket (or whatever it's called) uscrew the plug. Make sure you have a little piece of rubber (cylinder) in the socket so the plug will stick inside of it.5) when fully unscrewed: simply pull it out.6) Vaseline will help to prevent seizing you don't need to buy any other products.7) Screw in the new plug (by hand using the extensions) then using thee wrench tighten it.8) put back the wire and move on to the next plug.

This sounds long but is actually real simple. And once the 3 plugs in the back are done, the front ones take about 10 minutes to do (max).

I recommend you only use NGK's as they are recommended by Toyota, use only platinum tipped plugs. Toyota user manuals advise you not to use anything else.

Always check and properly gap the plugs to 0.043 inches or as specified on your VECI label under the hood.

And again, i did this job myself already and exactly like i just explained. If you need space you can always remove some of the hoses that are in your way.

Good Luck!

Depends weither you have a 4-Cylinder or a V-6 or higher. There will be 2 in the front and 2 in the back for the 4-Cylinder. There will be 3 in front and 3 in the back for the V-6. Sometimes you may need to put it up on a lift to get to the rear spark plugs. Anyone can do it but if you cannot get to a lift you should take it to a mechanic for the work to be done. When you replace the spark plugs cheak the wires that connect the plugs to the distruduter. Sometimes those wires are bad so it causes it to mised and cause other problems. But most of the tme you will not have to put them on the lift if it is front wheel drive. Always cahnge all the plugs at the sametime. Never miss match them because it will cause more problems.

The answer above doesn't make sense to me. Two spark plugs in the front and two in the back for the 4 cyl? Sounds like you are describing a V-4 engine. The Camry is either a V-6 or inline 4. And I can't for the life of me figure out why you would raise the 6 cyl. to change the plugs - unless you wanted to make the job harder.

Start with a cool/cold engine.

Four cylinder: Remove spark plug wire boots (four in a row on top of the engine). DO NOT PULL ON THE WIRE only the rubber top. Make sure the wires are numbered, if not, number them. They MUST go back to the same hole they came out of after the new plugs are installed. Remove the spark plugs with a 16mm spark plug wrench. Install new plugs (any auto parts store can tell you what your options are here): Start threading the new plugs by hand so you don't cross thread the engine head by accident. Then complete tightening them gently. Spark plugs are supposed to be tightened to a specific torque: 13ftlbs in this case. If you choose to not use a torque wrench do not overtighten the plugs. Reinstall boots securely.

6-Cylinder: Remove engine cover, if present. Disconnect the six connectors on each of the ignition coils. Remove each of the six ignition coil bolts and then remove the coils by pulling straight up -- arrange them so that you know which goes back where. Remove and install the six plugs as described above. Reinstall the ignition coils with their bolts (torque: 69 in-lbs), then wires. Replace the cover.

That second answer for the four is pretty accurate, except for one thing: the plugs for the four are deep inside, I don't know what to call them, holes or slots or cylenders or something, so the only way to get at them is with a spanner attachment on your socket. This is fine for taking them out, but for threading the new ones it is a major pain. You can't do it by hand because you can't get your fingers down into the holes. You have to thread them with the spanner and it is really hard to judge if they are threaded properly.

OK, I actually OWN a 1993 Camry, with a V6 engine, AND I have replaced the spark plugs, but it is not simple. (compared to many other engines)

As you doubtless know, this engine is transversely oriented, (side to side)with three plugs to the front of the car, and three toward the back. NONE of these plugs are easy to see, or visible when you open the hood.Even the wires going to the plugs are covered...

The front three plugs are easiest to do, but the back ones are situated sothat it takes me nearly an hour of dismantling parts, before I can evenreach that portion of the engine.

The difficult part about replacing the spark plugs on this V6 engine, isthat the "V" for the engine isn't flat / level, the motor is tilted towardthe back, and so the rear plugs are WAY back there, and down below stuff.

Here's what I recall, from my V6:

1)remove the air filter, and associated rubber fittings.2)use an "L" or "Allen wrench" to remove the decorative engine cover3)use masking tape to mark front three plug wires

To access the rear plugs, you have to remove that entire intake and throttle body assembly (silver looking portion on top of engine)

4) detach the throttle cable, and cruise control cable5) remove wiring harness plugs from throttle body6) disconnect fuel lines from throttle body, and injector fuel tubes.7) use a bigger Allen wrench to remove tight bolts holding intake manifold to the engine. (this is actually the air pflenum, to be exact)8) there are two more hex bolts to remove, on the back side of throttle body9) disconnect any other ground straps, or connections not mentioned above, so that you can remove intake and throttle body as one big unit.

ONLY NOW can you see the rear cylinder are of the engine.

10) label the back three spark plug wires, for future reference.

Since it's so hard to get here, you may want to just replace the plug wires, and distributer cap, for good measure, to help things run OK. (I did)

11) carefully pull out the spark plug boots/extensions, which stick down in the engine head / valve cover tubes for about 6 inches (15 cm)12) Find the spark plug socket which fits your new plugs. Attach a 12cm or longer extension, and ratchet. Remove the old spark plugs.13) Use the socket and extension without the ratchet, to put the new plugs back in the holes, so you can more accurately feel the threads.14) re-attach the ratchet, and tighten the plugs. (under 20 ft lbs) do NOT make them as tight as you can pull, this can cause damage15) Put your wites back on the correct plugs. You should hear/feel a slight click/snap to confirm that the contacts are on plugs properly.16) Re-assemble everything else you have taken apart...

(simple right??)

On the 4 cylinder engine, this task is MUCH simpler, and you just:

1) open hood2) find the four spark wires going into top of engine3) label wires, and pull up/out the 6inch connectors4) use socket & extension to remove plugs, from down in holes5) put the new plugs in -- not too tight6) put wires back on the correct plugs7) close hood

Then get some cold drinks, and go over to visit 6-cylinder Camry owner, and chat for 2.5 hours, while he finishes the tune-up on HIS car...

I have two '96 Toyota Camrys,both are V-6 engines.I have watched my son in law [a mechanic]change those spark plugs [all six of them] without taking anything apart such as covers,etc. All he does is reach around the back with a ratchet and socket with no problem!! This is all done in about 15 minutes.

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Q: How do you change spark plugs on a 1993 Toyota Camry?
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