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How do you change the alternator on a 1997 STS?

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2011-08-31 18:56:07

You can get by without removing the radiator or ac condenser;

all you need to do is remove the passenger cooling fan and

disconnect the upper radiator hose and move it out of your way.

(Coolant will leak if you don't drain out about half a gallon) That

will get you access to the front bolt by the exhaust manifold

(doesn't completely remove just loosen it and leave it in the

hole). From the under side you can get to the rear bolt. I have

seen a lot of people's responses to this saying you have to take of

tons of stuff that is not necessary; so here is the list:

Remove passenger tire, inner fender and splashguard (gives

access to the lower bolts on the alternator)

Goes without saying but… disconnect your battery and remove


Under the car, remove the plastic dust cover running between the

frame rails (three 10mm bolts)

Directly under the alternator there is a small access cover

(metal) with 4 bolts; remove it.

Take the serpentine loose from the tensioner and slip it off the


Remove the passenger side motor mount from the core support.

Remove the ground from the bracket the motor mount attaches


Remove the bracket that the motor mount attaches to.

Remove the remaining bolts from the alternator on the passenger


Remove the remaining bolts form the alternator on the driver's

side (from under the car)

Slip the alternator down through the small access cover you

removed earlier. Having the pulley orientated toward the driver's

side works easiest so just rotate it till the pulley is facing the

drivers tire. (It is still a tight squeeze but it will come down;

be careful not to dent up the radiator.)

After you complete those steps just reverse them and you should

be done in about an hour and forty-five min. The first time it took

me two and a half hours to complete the entire job. Hope this helps

because there aren't many good how-to's on this make and model.

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