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there is a drain plug under the tranny on the driver side of the tranny it is a 22mm or a 7/8 bolt unbolt and change the filter on the top of tranny

Ok. That's part of the answer. Next bits... Once drained how much and what fluid do I need (I had my manuals stolen and don't know th capacities)?

I've also heard that simply draining the fluid and refilling it is only half a job. Some other forums recommend a professional job using some sort of drain pump machine thingy.

Use only ATF-Z1 fluid from your local Honda dealer. You are looking at 4.1 quarts by the charts but you won't be able to drain every drop; so 4 will do it.

Also, it's recommended to repeat the process twice (for a total of 3 times).

Good Luck! - Z -

Oh, also, I have read bad things about flushing. I believe it as the TSB from Honda that I read is where I get the 3 times total. - Z -

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Q: How do you change the automatic transmission fluid on a 1999 Honda CR-V?
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Honda Odyssey 2005 automatic transmission fluid change?


Change transmission fluid 94 Honda civic dx?

Use only genuine Honda ATF DW1 automatic transmission fluid and nothing else.

What kind of transmission fluid for Honda Accord 1995 to use?

If your Accord is an automatic, use the Honda automatic transmission fluid. With a manual, the Honda manual transmission fluid. I'd strongly suggest using genuine Honda fluid over a substitute.

AT fluid for a 1990 Honda prelude?

If the Prelude is an automatic, yes, you use automatic transmission fluid. If it's a manual, there's manual transmission fluid. As much as possible, purchase the manufacturer (Honda) branded transmission fluid.

How do you check the fluid on a automatic transmission on a 1983 Honda Civic?

How do I check the transmission fluid on a 1983 Honda Civic 1500DX

What transmission oil do you use in a Honda cr125?

You can use automatic transmission fluid (ATF) or get tranny fluid from the Honda dealer.

Where do you buy Honda Z1 automatic transmission fluid?

Honda Z1 automatic transmission fluid can be purchased at almost any auto parts store or cycle shop.

What type of automatic transmission fluid should you put in your 1997 Honda Prelude?

The type of automatic transmission fluid that you should put in your 1997 Honda Prelude varies depending on the transmission. Honda recommends that you use their own brand of ATF when you replace the fluid in the SportShift transmission.

How much automatic transmission fluid does a 1993 Honda Civic hold?

A 1993 Honda Civic automatic transmission holds 2.9 quarts of fluid. The factory recommendation is Honda Genuine ATF-Z1 automatic transmission fluid. An alternative is a DEXRON II (now replaced by DEXRON III).

How do fill the transmission fluid in a 1998 Honda Civic?

The Honda automatic transmission is filled through the transmission dipstick hole.

Where to top up the transmission fluid on a manual 1998 Honda civic vti?

and automatic transmission does not require tranny fluid, as it is a "manual" and not automatic

How to change automatic transmission fluid on 98 civic?

On a 1998 Honda Civic there is a transmission drain bolt located on the bottom of the housing. Loosen the bolt and drain all of the old fluid. Using Honda ATF fluid top off the transmission.

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